Chichi gets a Strong Warning for a Display of Aggression

chichi gets a strong warning

Following the altercation between Diana and Chichi, Big brother issued a strong warning to Chichi few minutes after the announcement of the nomination was made.

As the housemates were summoned to the lounge, a video showing Chichi’s confrontations with Diana was played after which Big brother gave a speech about housemates learning to manage their emotions. This led to Big brother reading the book of rule and eventually passing the sound warning to her.

Chichi has been known for having quite a few outbursts and disagreements with fellow housemates. Most of her outbursts were mostly prompted by the extreme actions of fellow housemates.

Her outburst with Diana leads a lot of people to think that the argument was purposely for the sake of highlights and also because she was really irritated with the idea of sharing her man, Deji with her. Does that imply that she takes her situationship with Deji seriously? Whichever way, we are here for the drama that comes with it.

We can never tell but what we know for sure is that she takes her situationship with Deji quite seriously.

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