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  1. Chaaii these people go through a lot, I try my best not to be mean with the comments coz I don't want anybody committing suicide coz of my comment oo God abeg.

  2. Irrespective of the fact that people are quick to judge people when they themselves are not innocent doesn’t still mean you won’t be called out when you display something bad … it’s just what it is … so when we watch the show it will be hypocritical of us to keep cheering people for bad behavior abeg , make we no deceive ourselves .. it’s same way that even then them the housemate’s even inside the house called out bad behaviors that’s just how everyone is naturally. It only becomes bad when people now only focus on the bad alone that is what me I’m against .. you don’t have to hate the person but perhaps the bad character , you can’t only talk about their bad sides talk about their good sides too then there will be balance … we are not all saints but it shouldn’t still stop you from telling people the truth about their behaviors … that’s how you become your brother’s keeper .. it just hurt when people select who they want to hate and who they want to love so they pamper the bad behavior of those they love and come down with judgment on the other person… just make a balance .. if you are not ready to be corrected then never you correct a person …

  3. The things have been settled and the person at stake I mean Rachael is now one of Bella's and Sheggz's Allies. You, people, will not rest just for once, or what brought up this matter again?

  4. Telling us we don’t watch all of it is an insult. Did you act like you were acting on a show? So why should we also watch it like a show? Your attitude hurt some people. No one hated you. You are a new and strong person. People may take you yo be rude and it’s fine cos it’s who you are. But don’t tell us we didn’t watch it all. You said you lived your life in there. But we also know certain space brings out certain things you don’t even think you are capable. Unfortunately, it will be in the mind of people for a long time but live your life ok. Enjoy.

  5. I pity bbtitans housemates Nigerians judges and judginas will rip you guys to shreds….my advice is pretend o! Pretend to be perfect, don’t fight or get into arguments ,don’t show your true emotions even if it’s killing you, don’t date on the show, don’t say how you truly feel Infact just be a furniture. They will still drag you for being a furniture but my dear it’s better than the hate they will have for you for being yourself

  6. It's true. Bella didn't pour that food. I think we are too hard on these housemates. Especially You tubers. Imagine these ladies spent days crying.

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