Chichi and Diana Squashes the Beef Between Them

Earlier today, Chichi and Diana had a meeting to squash the beef between them which made Diana ask her for an explanation for the way she acted. Chichi explained that she was only angry that Allysyn, Diana, and Doyin were gossiping about her and that she only heard Deji’s name because she was being impatient when she flared up

But the question is, why did Chichi become angry and flare up when she didn’t even hear what the ladies were discussing?

While they were having the conversation, Diana told her that they were only discussing Hermes, and the only time they mentioned Deji’s name was when they were trying to make it known that Deji is with Chichi. Diana threw a word of advice at Chichi by saying that she needs to always ask for clarification on issues instead of always assuming and flaring up

After the tête-à-tête, Chichi put the spotlight on the Chomzy, Phyna, and Groovy triangle and all the drama that came with it. Talk about an apology turned into a tea ☕ sipping session.

Will Chichi and Diana maintain a level of mutual respect for one another, or is another brawl looming in the future? Let’s wait and see.

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