Brittany Hoopes Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

Meet Brittany Hoopes Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Meet Brittany Hoopes Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Big Brother 24 Star Brittany Hoopes Wiki, Biography, Age, City, Occupation, Instagram, Hometown, Profile and more

When the cast of Big Brother 4 was revealed, we find out more about Brittany Hoopes, a 32-year-old hypnotherapist from Atlanta, Georgia, who will compete with fifteen other guests for the $ 750,000 first-place prize this summer.

Name and surname Brittany Hoope
Age 32
Sex Female
Home town Atlanta, Georgia
Current City Austin, Texas
Instagram @
Occupation Hypnotherapist
Brittany Hoopes Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

What is the best advice you received before going out to play?

My husband and I talked about the game and what my strategy would be. And I mean, I’ve put together a notebook filled with over 40 pages of different things that I want to try around the house. But I’d say the best strategy is to be adaptable and authentic. Sure, I could tell a lie or two when I’m home. But I will still be myself at the center of my being and will adapt to whatever is thrown at me.

How do you think people will perceive you?

Let’s just be honest. I think people will see me, especially when I tell them I’m a toy test researcher, they’ll say, “Oh, she’s cute. She’s fun. She works with children. She’s a sweetheart.” And I think they will underestimate my psychological game, my mental game and probably my physical game as well. I am a competitive belly dancer. I like to train. I have a curvy figure. So I think people might underestimate it. But that’s what I want. I want not to be seen as a threat. So I think all of this will work to my advantage.

What types of players would you like the least of in your alliance?

I have a hierarchy that I am developing. So the players I least want in my alliance are players who are both strong and smart. You can’t have both! (He laughs.) He is a very threatening player for my game. First, I want to bring out people who are strong and smart, then people who are super smart, then people are super strong. And whoever is left will be members of my alliance. They are the ones I will carry to the end. They are the ones I can beat in the end.

What’s one thing other guests might not like about you?

Oh Lord. I love to talk. I enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations with people. This is what I am super excited to have around the house. I’ll have to read the room, as we always have to, to be able to see if other people want to develop that kind of deep relationships too. If I find someone who doesn’t talk, like I’m thinking back to Cody back then, maybe it might be something they don’t like. (He laughs.)

On eviction night, would you rather flip the vows against the house to help your individual game, or go with the house to help your general alliance?

Oh, it’s so hard. My hope is to position myself where what I individually want will also have the bonus effect of helping my alliance. But if it gets to the point, where it’s helping the alliance or helping my individual game, I think we’ll have to see what the house temperature will be like this season in terms of what’s deemed acceptable.

Last season it would not have been acceptable to go against the grain. But in other past seasons of Big Brother– I’m a super fan; I looked at them all: it was ok to shoot a little more. And so my hope is that I would be more on the side of wanting to change my mind to promote my individual game rather than going with an alliance. But not if going against the alliance will damage my individual game.

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