Bold and Beautiful – 1994 (S7 E219) FULL EPISODE 1717

Eric refuses to break his date and goes to dinner with Stephanie. Stephanie asks Eric to dance and they remember the good old…


  1. Ridge is a despicable, vile little child. He rather make his wife look like a liar and horrible person, "for the sake of getting the company back than to tell Brooke that his wife TOLD BROOKE THE TRUTH. Ridge was absolutely using and manipulating Brooke to get the company back. Then he goes out of his way to tell Brooke that Dr Taylor Forrester and James kissed. That was None of Brookes business. Then allows Brooke to believe that Dr Taylor Forrester and James are "involved". Then him and Brooke sit there and WILFULLY LIE about ridge and Brooke only kissing once.

  2. He is buttering you up Brooke only to get the company back 😂🤣😂 Ridge is lieing to you right now Brooke 🤣😂🤣 now look at Brooke trying to manipulate Ridge what Taylor said to her 🤣😂🤣

  3. What have we learnt from this episode.. Ridge is a liar.. Brooke is an opportunist… They are both manipulators and will manipulate each other to get what they want… Ridge will even throw is wife under the bus to save face…. Taylor should leave his sleazy ass

  4. Someone should be quoting Thorn back to him ,regarding his relationship with Macy …”You guys have got to get your act together here “ “Why don’t you do something about it”, “ You talk again and you don’t stop talking,until you get this whole thing ironed out “

  5. Woow that silver dress on macy looks great.. and hahaha who will see her with the so hated man anthony??? ThORNE ..jesus what a drama!!!! Timing cannot be more bad 😆

  6. So Thorn you having an innocent dinner with Taylor and Macy can't have an innocent dinner with Anthony. He so stupid. Everything he does in regards to Macy is disrespectful.

  7. The problem once for all is not that Taylor is a saint. She has every right to make mistakes like every human being.
    Plus – The fact that she makes mistakes doesn't put Taylor and Brooke on the same level. We can talk about Brooke mistakes or, better, about the way she choose to live her life , beacuse there is a great difference between making mistake and choosing deribelatly.
    So Brooke is delusional here once more thinking that Taylor is on her level ( she is backing down to Brooke level of course).
    "The doctor" as she has always called Taylor trying to hide a great dose of jelousy, is a more coherent and substantial human being than Booke will never be. And Brooke knows it.

  8. Brooke tells Ridge she had been always true to him…
    She forgot to add except for that time she married his father and then slept with both he and Eric around the same time so she didn't know the paternity of her child.
    Or just the other day when she was sleeping with Connor..
    Don't ever change Brooke

  9. Ridge is bothered about what mean-Taylor said to poor Brooke. Brooke of course said nothing mean to Taykor that she can't handle of course. There's so many guilty in Ridge's attitude towards Brooke.
    Brooke said Ridge that Taylor was dishonest with them both…. Really? Again, thank good "they have each other".

  10. So… To recap.
    Taylor can't come home to her husband bc she's stuck in a foreign country and a hotel room with James due to fog and the airport closed… That's bad.
    Ridge NOT stuck anywhere and can leave anytime to go talk to his wife and straighten things out, but chooses to stay in a blackout in the cabin with Brooke and the children.. That's… OK?
    Make it make sense.

  11. "If Ridge gets through this with his virtue intact…" 😆

    Thorne, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think Ridge's virtue has been intact since he hit p uber ty.

  12. Tridge fans start counting the halo references from here till 2005 and that tells u exactly why that relationship fell the minute her sex with James no matter how understandable it was came our years and years after the fact

  13. Love Thorne's logic here – "You are right. Ridge is in the lion's den. And if he gets out there with his virtue intact, you have no excuse anymore for not believing in your husband."
    But Taylor only worries about "And if he doesn't?" (get out with his virtue intact)
    Thorne just thinking (In that case, you might have to deal with a second stepchild in the future. )

  14. So Brooke spent most of this episode telling Ridge that Taylor did him wrong, is a liar & inappropriate. And then, in the same scene, Brooke persists on telling Ridge that she wants him. How is that not inappropriate?

  15. RECAP: Anthony admits to Darla that he has seriously fallen for Macy – and hopes that she will use the pause in her marriage to consider him as a partner. Sally pressures Macy to embrace the chance to see Anthony as the attractive and alluring man that he is. Macy reminds her mother that she is a married woman and still loves her husband. Ridge calls Thorne to let him know that a power outage is keeping him with Brooke at the cabin. Brooke urges Ridge to stop beating himself up for disappointing his wife – it is her who is at fault with her outrageous behavior. In L.A., Thorne asks Taylor to join him for dinner. At Café Russe, Taylor finds out Ridge is up in the mountains with Brooke. Thorne is dismayed to spot Macy having dinner with Anthony.

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