1. Hi Betha 😊 thank you for your analysis I understand your point of view but then again, let's look at it in another angle, What if Chizzy and Rachael which are Raiders (fake housemates) happen to win most of the sponsored task including the innocent motors in this week 8 ,9 and 10. remember Ebuka said they would be here till the final weeks of the show. Do u think it would be fare on the Real housemates? NO.
    or Imagine Chomzy was one of the Raiders or fake housemates all along with all the things she won so far . Do u think it would be fare on the real housemate? NO.
    So I think the organisers decided to bring this new twist, so as to make the final weeks of the Show NOT boring

  2. If creating the new leveled house is to favor some so called persons, then it's totally rubbish for me. Even Doyin knows within herself being the intelligent girl that she is, that it's just part of the game not that they are actually strong contenders. She's just up to flow with the game as biggie unfolds all his twists. Chomzy is there believing that she is a very strong contender, sorry for her.

  3. Emotions in level 3 are just so high because right now they totally believe especially chomzy that they are strong contenders hence they are still in the game. Meanwhile, reversal is the case. This doesn't make sense at all. They should consider the mental health of these housemates, even the level 1 because when they will eventually see these people back in the show. It will really affect them mentally. THIS TWIST IS A NO FOR ME.
    Anyways, am happy for chizzy who will get to see his wife back, he has nothing to loose at this point. He's just a fake housemate.

  4. This year BBN is evicted housemates from beginning are the best so far. Beauty Khalid Giddyfaya Diana Chomzy Eloswag lebaeye etc. The remaining housemates are soooo boring and the riders are even spoiling the game. They should not have evicted the 3 Doyin Chomzy and Eloswag.

  5. Hi Babie M!! Betha M🤗🤗❤️❤️ I have voted ooo… I dey pray make you win 🏆 so we can pop something!!🤪🥳🥳💃🏽💃🏽 Abeg let’s fast for Bella… I am having a change of heart… I don dey sorry for her cos she is being abused emotionally and she nor dey see am. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. For me I fink the level 3 twist is just to create suspense so the house mate can't guess the dynamics of the show. But the peeps that design the level 3 interior 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. The twist is not twisting at aaall.. I’ve been dragging big brother on twitter like mad ! If you check all of the twists from beginning has been favoring the former level 1 housemates only! How can evicted housemates be permitted to play sponsored tasks ??? They didn’t even give us the chance to save Amaka and now we voted to keep our faves in the house and kick out the ones we don’t want una still carry them go level3! The show has lost its credibility, and it’s these kind of injustice we see in Nigeria on a daily basis .. They should bring back all the level 2 housemates then , see how quick Biggy is to call them out and punish them but when it’s level 1 he is always ignoring it punishes them less , till now did he punish Doyin and Dotun ? No . Abeg am pissed!

  8. Bella does not have any potential.imagine defending Sheggz even when the video of him insulting Biggie was played.she said he can never say that.
    Always nodding head like something else. After Ebuka opened her eyes..she was still defending him… saying things like that happens in every relationship.
    Biggie with his annoying twist

  9. Am telling u. I keep saying the same thing. Is as if big brother wants to keep seeing Chiomzy on his screen. If not, wat is this rubbish twist that don’t even make sense. People that have been evicted will still play game and win prizes! Like, whomever came up with this, is just senseless. To me, they would have evicted 4, leave them in that house to make them feel comfortable and be watching the housemate in the other house and after some day or maybe that Sunday. Make them play a game and then whim ever emerges the winner should be sent back to the house to the main. That would have even made a lot of sense than these rubbish that their doing. Imagine! At the very least. That means, they can even extend their stay. Mtchewwww. Big brother this year is just biased

  10. I am just waiting for CHOMZY to win the Innosson vehicle this season to OFFICIALLY cancel this season.
    Big Brother's House, Big Brother's rules my foot. That is the precursor statement to rigging and his corrupt House politics.

    Just look at how Amaka was evicted like a Thief in the middle of the night. Without even giving her fans a chance to save her and then Chomzy gets evicted and becomes a Guest of Biggie only to become a HM all over again. Na wa o !
    What do you call that if not OJORO?

    Level 3 my FOOT. Na Chomzy be the REAL level that Biggie is watching. At this point, it's hard to argue with all the calls by fans that she'd won some tasks by unjustifiable prejudice. Tonight it all became clear.

    This is unfair Biggie !!!!

  11. Don’t y’all get that the production team is obviously targeting shella they’re the content..they’re Hated out of proportion and it ain’t fair they’ve been judged too quickly based on the what kayode shows us..they’re other housemates done more in that house but kayode chose not to show us!..shella the show Acknowledge them

  12. Biggie just dey waste our time….. all these level 3 thing is to keep chomzy in the house …. someone among the sponsors is pulling strings…. no1. Chomzy telling phyna she should keep the same energy when they get out of the house bcos she'll see who she is….. no2. Chomzy winning games that she didn't even do anything nawaoooo….. no3. Now evicted and Biggie still don't want her to go by creating another place for her .
    Playing with our mind with scrap level 3 …… Biggie u be scam… we hv seen your motive. This new level would not happen if chomzy was not in the bottom 3

  13. Diaz something fishy going on with big brother this season. Seems lyk he is in a kind of agreement with some certain people concerning a certain housemate cos were does it happen for evicted house compete with d main housemates on tasks and sponsored tasks and if dey win, dey will still go with d win. Even if dis will happen, d privilege is suppose to be given to those once evicted early in d game like cyph

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