Biggie Assigns Deji a new Secret mission

Deji is one of the fake housemates who has been introduced to the level 1 housemates during one of the Sunday live shows.

During one of his diary sessions with Biggie, he was assigned a secret mission of complaining frantically about his Level 1 housemates which should excalate day in and day out. Biggie also stated that he should make sure that everyone in the house knows he will only be truly happy if he moves to level 2. Biggie added that by friday, he should pack his bags and make a demand to be moved to level 2. Deji agreed to the task and discussed how he was going to carry these tasks out.

Since level 1 has 13 housemates, it was an easy task because there was more than alot to complain about. The relationship between Deji and Doyin has been rocky, Deji decided to kickstart his mission using Doyin. He started by complaining to Doyin that he wanted to move to level 2 house while they were together in the bedroom. He stated that due to the fact that he has ”woman drama”, he is starting to feel really uncomfortable in the house.

The drama didnt end with Doyin as he still moved to have a discussion with Dotun complaining on why he had to move of the house and why he has been considering switching houses. He complained bitterly about how messy the housemates are in level 1 and how much he hates to continue living this way.

Deji seems to be performing his task effectively compared to Modella, we ant wait for the next drama that will unfold.

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