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  2. Yemi is playing a dangerous game that will end in tears and hatred for me in the outside world , it reminds me of the same game Boma (shine ya eye season) tried to play , being the player in the house , and it backfired .

  3. Hello glory, thanks for the update.remember khosi said she has a boyfriend outside the house who's her handler.again yemi all to herself,which is wrong, khosi said dating a Nigerian guy is a taboo.Alone yemi to enjoyed himself please

  4. Gloria remember is reality show, not just a games besides you can't play someone's feelings for your selfish interest. I used to like him but not anymore.

  5. If we cast our minds back to Yemi's intro video, he said he will definitely be in a triangle. So, he is intentionally flirting to make sure he gets himself into a triangle or trapezium πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    I just hope it doesn't back fire for him.

  6. To me I really do not like his games Yemi can be friends with everyone and not the way he is doing it with the girls I pray he last in the house

  7. I made up my mind not to hate on any housemate
    I’m just going to enjoy their game no matter how much i may disagree with their tactics

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