1. Who listened to the conversation between Ipeleng and Blaqboi on Sunday after the eviction show? Ipeleng telling Blaqboi indirectly that she doesn't trust Tsatsii!

  2. The main threats in that house is kosi, miracle, thabang, KJ, and tsatsii ipeleng has to get rid of them. what is the deal with blue her game plan has vanished i mean she came in there and went straight for the top guy hoping to get rid of kosi and that didnt work and then she was so so with blaq and ever since yemi has gone she lost her game she just faded into the past i mean i thought initially nana was just there but now even nana is more relevant than blue in fact the girl has no content whatsoever. keep your eyes on justin people arent paying this guy any mind just like they didnt pay ipeleng anymind and look at where she is now.

  3. Hope the other box letter is to be read on eviction day which always happens even when some dont happen. Hope no 1 will move out of the big brother since they switched off from parternship to individuals.

  4. Well to me i don't think the second box will be about Ipeleng evicting one or two hms why bcos obviously if it's about it n which we know that the one person she's gonna evict is Khosi… But BB knows the show revolves around Khosi bcos she's the highlights n definitely has a lot of fans so No he's definitely not gonna put any "evict any two hms of your choice" in that box but still let's watch out n keep our fingers crossed

  5. If she has to manipulate to enter the final Omo baby manipulate your way. She didnt pause her 2 university degrees to come and relax in biggies house.

  6. But when ipeleng did it sheyy it was alright. Ipeleng literally manipulated tsars I too 地ll tastsi wanted to do was to stop her from making the same mistake as her seeing that she is as quiet as he

  7. This gal tastsi gets me so irritated..always thinking she's too smart…she was even going to put up Ipeleng the other week if not that she messed up cos of her over sabi.

  8. Ipeleng had seen thru Tsatsi already, she's quite aware what she's trying to do. Let's be reminded that Ipeleng had told Biggie that Tsatsi is a very smart gal. Let's remember that it's the same Tsatsi who cried, insinuating that friends were emotionally blackmailing her in this their 2nd HOH stint. How could Ipeleng forget that? Also, let's be reminded of Ebuka's question about Ebubu to Tsatsi. She was actually trying to dominate and THINK for Ipeleng (in her mind). However, I could feel Ipeleng wasn't disinterested and wished Tsatsi could STOP. Lastly, I think Ipeleng would've given in to Miracle's advances, but she's scared of Tsatsi. If Ipeleng knows what's good for her, she'll get rid of Tsatsi and stand a chance of winning the grand prize. I know she'll gun for Khosi first

  9. Tati is a manipulated too bad cause she is too young for thi.s even in all the games for head of the house .Let pipo win with honestly

  10. i think ipeleng will be picking two people to take to the finale ….(envelope) on sunday… my opinion though…..

  11. It's a game y'all! If you're not fighting, crawling or manipulating chances to stay then you're not trying at all, you might as well pack your bags n evict yourself. I don't particularly enjoy Tsatsii but I respect her will-power! Play the damn game or go home! I have no patience with people who come to play the "be myself" strategy abeg shift.

  12. I totally agree with you on the eviction power that Ipeleng might have on Sunday. Tsatsi should be careful cos Ipeleng might evict her first

  13. I sincerely think Ipeleng will evict and big brother will keep them in a seperate room and they will return later

  14. Ipeleng has saved Tsatsii once already , I don't think she'll do it again. Ipeleng is soft but very smart.

  15. If the second letter was for ipeleng to evict two people, I am sure will want to evict khosi….I am just praying the letter is different…maybe to take two pple to the finals..

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