1. Khosi and thabang were just playing the viewers emotions, they are not genuine. Why must they be looking at the camera? Concerning ipeleng and Miracle stuff, ipeleng may like Miracle physically and emotionally as a person, but definitely not romantically. Maybe bcos of Lukay.

  2. Khosi and thabang were just playing the viewers emotions, they are not genuine. Why must they be looking at the camera? Concerning ipeleng and Miracle stuff, ipeleng may like Miracle physically and emotionally as a person, but definitely not romantically. Maybe bcos of Lukay.

  3. Khosi pls live that baby boy pls Thabane you resspert your parents BC's you are still under you parents you do big you talk big. Everything you do is to much my boy Mmmmm your girlfriend you tomach boy Khosi is your big sister you are sugar baby brick layer uyazi ukuthi yonke lento isho ukuthini uyaziphoxa usemncane ukuthandana nosisi abadala nokukhuluma kangaka zihlonophe boy

  4. Hi Glory, you are spot on about Khosi and Thabang. Khosi, especially, is playing her game very well. She has even shadowed Tsatsi's manipulative game. Tsatsi is fast becoming irrelevant. Nobody seems to be taking her serious now. She has even killed Miracle OP's game. They guy has given up pursuing her and is now trying her luck with Ipeleng who is also leading him on a wild goose chase. While Khosi and Thabang are playing their game, people like Nana and Yvonne seem to have left the party already. They look and act defeated. What about Blaqboi? To me, he too seems to be running out of steam. In the absence of Yemi and Juicy Jay, his competitiveness seems to have waned and does not have a strategy to play against his current fellow housemates. Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva have to do better than just being the best dancers in the house. They must up their game a bit. Justin is beginning to raise his hand lately to say "I'm still in this contest". His interaction and engagement with his fellow housemates has made him noticeable to the viewers. He is showing a great sense of humour that we did not know he has, earlier in the show. Ebubu is a diplomat. He seems to know that he does not have to try hard to be charming and demonstrating showmanship but he has a way of appealing to the viewers by his moral conduct and being himself. I see Khosi, Ipeleng, Ebubu, Justin and Thabang as the last 5 finalists.

  5. It's been a while I came to your page, but am not disappointed that you still haven't changed your view. Continue to promote your fave but stop tearing others down

  6. That was very uncalled-for, of Ipeleng. Being insensitive to a person who always comes off as carrying all the time to her feelings. Argh! but anyway she misses being fingered nothing else. Miracle is a real Man with respect and respects women.

    As for Khosi I thought she realised how wrong she is when it comes to Miracle. I know Khosi likes Miracle but she sometimes forgets to treat Miracle with kindness & speak anyhow to him because of his carrying heart.

  7. She's busy saying she misses "Luleng" and doesn't like Miracle but that time Lukay has unfollowed Ipeleng on her social media platforms 😭😭 mad.

  8. I do believe there are both visible and invisible cameras in that house.There are times the housemates know they are being watched and then there are times they have no idea.

  9. I am so d*sgusted with everybody who victimized and projected their traumas unto yemi for playing his game. Glory you included you made Yemi out to be the bad guy and all of a sudden you are enjoying what khosi is doing with thabang. Same khosi that was made to be the victim while yemi was the devil who was hurting her when we all knew she had a relationship outside the house. Yet you kept saying yemi was cheating when he never asked her out, she ruined his game and honestly I am so disappointed in YEMI and his fans for not pushing this guy into the finals.

    Everybody who made yemi out to be this evil person while supporting the manipulative khosi and the rubbish she's doing in the name of playing the game. You are all hypocrites!!!!

  10. Miracle is making wrong assumptions about lpeleng being a confident while she does not take him as one rather makes Miracle a laughing 😂 and gist toy with Tsatsi. We meet Ipeleng in the final.
    Ipeleng does not know that tasti will sell her out when the chips 🍟 are down 👇. Also Ipeleng does not know that the veiwers dislike the game of MENTAL TURTRE AND GOSSIP ON SOMEBODY THAT HAS HER BACK. THE SAME THING KHOSI DOES. PROJECECTING MIRACLE BLACK BEFORE FELLOW HOUSE MATES. WHICH MIRACLE I KNOW CAN NOT DO TO THEM.
    May be they don't know that it will affect their votes at appropriate time.

  11. You are doing great Glorious Glory. About one or two weeks of the game I discovered most strategic person and their games. Khosi and thabang games is anchored on forming triangle 🔽 love to be discussed by viewing audiences. Just a couple of days back, as thabang excused his self after painting khosi's nails, khosi quickly moved over to BlaqBi picking duvet along, she covered BlaqBi and herself claiming and FORMING she was shaking. She now raised discussions of BlaqBi likening and loving her. As 🖐 started work on carrot 🥕 BlaqBi quickly jumped up 👆 and moved to his HOH cut as khosi shall not be there.

  12. No I have to take my hat off for Khosi….she knows how to play the game period…I'm not her fan bt no she is the best strategic housemate this season yes Miracle is strategic bt he does not match Khosi's level😂😂khosi reigns you have no choice but to stan harder.

  13. Ipeleng will not rest now. She has accidentally won Ultimate Veto Power nah. So nothing else concerns her again. Shame

  14. So I have a feeling thabang wasn't unwell, it was part of his game play and in sure about it. I told someone that he was acting that way so that the housemates will feel sorry for him and not nominate him. This is their first individual nominations and they don't know how strong they are individually. I knew he will be better after nominations and I was right. I was monitoring him closely

  15. I don't think Khosi really wants to date any if those guys for real. Her game plan seems to be controversial relationships with the guys and putting her goals and aspirations outthere. Either win the money or win many deals after. And I love her for that. She's in her game, even though as a human she catches feelings now and then. I don't really see her dating any of them outside. Her head is in her bag


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