1. My opinion for me I don't think it's boring but it's different from what most people are used like shouting , fights etc I think if you watch it with an open mind you will enjoy it. I like how these housemates are are so strategic as I have.said my opinion

  2. Khosi is sneeky. She uses the men to play her game . She is the type that will use men to achieve her objective and quickly dump them and move on. The men HMts stupidly play around her thereby making her feel a queen she is not.
    In fact I expect the house mates to include in their strategy and scripts to build bonds of friendship that You may have to run business and activities together after BB.

  3. I hail everybody here ooo. Glory, I salute oooo. Please my own is that Olivia should go look for her self worth, self respect and dignity where she lost them but should leave my THABANG alone to concentrate.
    I don't want her to choke THABANG with her masculine body nor infect him with her bleaching cream skin.

  4. Again Glory may the favour of God outshine the darkness in Nigeria, we pray it can all still be rectified.
    Ooh Glory I missed this one, I am so bummed, anyway there is always the next video and the next live session because I am die hard for your analysis.
    1. Tsatsii conspired not once and Biggie dealt with her deservedly, so can the same be done to Khosi for her million and one microphone infringements please or will we side step her because she is the groomed winner?
    2. Tsatsii may survive this week because it seems Juiovla and Juvonne are in the bottom as per polls in these streets but we will wait
    3. Kanaga is so childish, yes protect your woman who is not really your woman but within brain mass reason. So him and Tsatsii are THAT couple who enable each other to run over the glaring truth together? EBUKA I will give you another bonus for this one, please ooo scatter!
    4. Ipeleng is a 2nd choice for Miracle, he was unable to attain the holy grail, Khosi, so why should a whole Lawyer in the making be bamboozled by his rose coloured glasses that he is trying to hand her?
    5. Olivia and her fake tears and her sly smiles when someone is down and her symbiotic parasitic partnership with Juicy … a whole couch is needed here.
    6. Nelisa needs a hug because she seeks toxicity as comfort. Thabang has certain traits shame …
    I really don't know about who the deserving winner is but we wait and see, enjoying the show regardless.

  5. For most of them they've actually forgotten about the platform through which they became celebs, if not for such platforms, who knows 🤷 they might have joined the struggle and not be aloof. Tell them jorh…

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