1. I think the housemates will be made to nominate 2 people for immediate eviction, then after the count, ipeleng will be given a chance to save and replace 1 person from the two scheduled to be evicted.

  2. But that is ridiculous so all the money people spent in keeping their fave in the house go to waste Bbtitan production should not try nonsense it will not go down well o

  3. Glory Biggie is not stupid…Khosi and KJ gives biggie money in the show…so that won't happen…So she will just save two ppl while others fight for their fate and we all know that base on votes…Khosi and KJ will make it to the finals.

  4. Viewership will stumble if Khosi is evicted. The Supreme Veto thing is to bring the game into disrepute, Just like how Bigbrother Africa died to give way to BBN and BBMzansi. The organizers will probably get a backslash from viewers. Already there were waves in Naija with accusations of bias when Yemi was evicted. Ipeleng power to evict anyone is senseless. Viewers have emotionally invested in their favourites for a while and they to be evicted "unfairly"

  5. Well I really do not understand why some people are relating Amaka's eviction to what's to happen tomorrow. Let's not forget Amaka paved way for her own eviction simply because she granted some of her fellow hms unnecessary audience as to why she gossiped Phyna as to her ship with Groovy, it was grace enough that she skipped eviction or eviction skipped her, either ways knowing fully well she has bagged strikes from Biggie, Chichi the level up babe was also dragged into the same mess in which she silently avoided that confrontation. Amaka entered the into the trap set for her and in my mind I was screaming CAN THIS GIRL JUST HOLD HER MOUTH AND UNDERSTAND SHE OWES NO ONE EXPLANATION AT THIS CRUCIAL MOMENT. Phyna also justify the whole issue by telling them it's no one's business what she does with her body, sis Amaka still thinks she has to vindicate herself at that point in time. See knowing when to talk and when to put full stop to some things really matters OR WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGH THAT CHICHI WOULD MADE IT TO THE FINALE.? THANKS 👍

  6. @ Glory, I missed the livestream again😔. I agree with Lutricia on the issue of Justin. I was the one who spoke about Wendall winning BBA along with Karen on the Wednesday livestream. Wendall was actually worse than Justin but still won.
    I still believe that the envelope will not be related to eviction or taking anyone to the finals. It will be something completely different because of how Biggie questioned the housemates about it. As I said on Wednesday, Biggie and production just want to keep us in suspense.

  7. I feel like it’s just who she will like to save. Or maybe who she would like to put up or the whole
    House will have to nominate who they want to evict just like what happened to amaka. So many tension anytime I see that box.

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