1. My Top 5 : Khosi, Ipeleng, Kanaga Jnr, Thabang, Ebubu. Blaqboi is losing touch. He must stop concentrating most of his time in the house on his relationship with Blue Aiva and play the game more. If you were to ask any of the viewers what Blaqboi had been doing in the past week, they will struggle to remember, except to say he has been spending much time being cosy with Blue Aiva. Miracle OP spends most of his time pursuing Ipeleng and seems to have forgotten to play the game. He is behaving like a love-sick puppy even though he is being led on a wild goose chase by Ipeleng. Justin is beginning to say: "I'm still in the game", in the past few weeks. He is now interacting and engaging more with his housemates, a little too late, if you ask me. Nana and Yvonne have already left the party. They look and act defeated already, by their body language. Tsatsi's manipulation tactics are not doing her any good with the viewers or voters, so to speak. Blue Aiva is the house's best dancer. Together with Kanaga Jnr they are entertaining with their dance moves but for Blue, unfortunately, it only ends there. When viewers switch on to watch BB Titans they want know what Khosi has been doing while they have not been watching. Her flirting with Thabang has become a trending topic on social media. Thabang also gets people talking about his playboy games. One day he allows Khosi to get closer to him and the next day he is distant from Khosi and flirts with Blue Aiva, much to the annoyance of Blaqboi. Kanaga Jnr is very much in the game but this is sometimes shadowed by his relationship with Tsatsi, which is not exciting, at all. Ebubu puts much effort in the game. He is funny and intellectual at the same time. He somehow does communicate with viewers who do not even see him as an albino. The same is happening in the house. Ebubu has managed to get his housemate to see him just like any other person. Ipeleng is somehow very sly. She likes to hide behind shyness. The good girl personality she displays is her strategy of trying to appeal for the viewers' support. She knows when to show her naughty side, a game she plays well when it comes to Miracle OP. Ipeleng knows how to speak to viewers in the diary room. Her responses to Big Brother questions are actually intended for viewers. She has the ability to appeal to viewers' emotions. Khosi, unlike Tsatsi, can be manipulative, especially with the boys in the house. She knows how to play these guys, except Thabang. With Thabang, she has not been able to make him eat out of her hand. Even after the kiss with Khosi, Thabang behaved as if nothing ever happened between them the previous night. He didn't follow Khosi like a love sick puppy.

  2. Colored don't vote only for just colored that is a lie. I am colored(don't like that term) and I never vote Justin

  3. i think i have to comment even though am

    late on ipenlen matter it was just a smart move not really base on strategy BCS she knows that one day she might visit Nigeria probably to lunch her business and again there is miracle who she is struggling with love eventually loving for love from the Nigerian viewers

  4. Let's all be realistic and stop trying to convince ourselves with pipe dreams 😂

    Khosi is winning this🤫💯

  5. Winner 🏆 Kanaga Jnr

    Finalist – Blue, Kj, Ebubu, Ipeleng and Miracle

    6 – Ivonne(she’s boring)

  6. This live was so cringe to watch last night. Grown women who looked in their 30 busy bashing a little girl of 22 and all it projected was self loath on their part.

  7. Ipeleng should have just chosen the person to take along with on Monday, evicting two pairs at once and wasting another week without evictions was so unfair

  8. I strongly Believe that Big Brother changed his Mind Cause he Had a Backlash about Yemi so him Using Kananga/Khosi would be a Blow on the Show.

  9. I don't like the taking people to top 5, big brother must leave it to us, and we will put people in their rightful place by voting

  10. Glory, they do not know what is going on outside here, so how would ipeleng must have known that Justin is the weakest in the house. They were all guessing by making their choices. If ipeleng had chosen Justin people would still say otherwise. It's what it's, it her choice. Fine.

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