1. Who noticed that GloryE forgot to introduce her self. "D gal with d tea"🤣 Nana Nana Nanaaaaa how many tymz hve I called u

  2. I feel like Nana should have kept her strategies to herself instead of selling them out just like that, and now she has misinterpreted what she meant to the HM

  3. Nana gives Ilebaye vibes of provocation…….love love love…..we'll keep her in. We did not come here to get bored😂😂

  4. Viewers will support Nana not necessarily for drama but for vulnerability, her story may be confusing but that her story, we don't have to know all the details, the point she struggled to attain the height she is. I wish her the best!

  5. Maybe Nana will be evicted immediately on Sunday without being saved. You'll never know. remember what happened to Amaka.

  6. It felt easy to nominate her seeing that they don't really know each other and it looks as if "there isn't much to her"… No one has really bothered to have conversations with her aside Khosi

  7. I just feel like aside from her being a threat they don’t feel her vibes at all as a person. First nominations are more of people trying to keep their friends and nominate people who they like or connect the list with or find uncool

  8. Good morning Glory. I'm seeing young lady Nana with a disappointing upbringing struggling to make it in life. If she can survive the first week, l think she may go far if she comports herself and speak less about herself. Let her open up and relate well with others. Otherwise she's a target for eviction.

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