1. Miracle is trying to help Khosi in the house the problem is jealous and he doesn't have a good strategy of how to do things ..also Yemi acts stupid when it comes to Thabang and he is using a strategy as well one thing about Khosi she still going to cry in the long run

  2. Hi Glory dear πŸ‘‹πŸ»

    Yemi is aware of everything after ebukas announcement and i think he has changed for real just for a game for now cos remember he has even told Juicy J on their conversations also Juicy J made it clear about Khosi that he is a good woman in reality who knows maybe he took it from there

  3. Miracle came with a game plan to either be in the kitchen or interfere in anyone's relationship. He is doing too much but now that jenni o has left and the kitchen can now be available to him, he is now backing off from the relationship strategy. He have a girlfriend called Bisoma

  4. Yemi should not to be blamed for what his fans are doing, he has no idea about the outside world. Yemi did not say he will never talk to blue but said their conversation won't be as constant as it used to be.

  5. Human beings are very silly…like why the heck would u be defending someone in the house that don't even know u…gosh!!! If u like threaten from now till tmao,na u get urself…like tf this is what he normally does so y are y'all painedddd…goshhh

  6. Glory as per blue iva not playing with Miracle! She is aiming at guys she feels are strong contenders Yemi, Marvin,Blaqboi remember she came in late with miracle!!

  7. Why talker INY SADIQ always talks with some assurance a if she is in the house or she is in the mind or she is a god that reads the mind of the housemates? She should calm down and she said ""I THINK"" rather than KHOSI is…………………………

  8. Hi Glory, you know, should this BB show ever be cancelled in the near future it will be the doings of the shows toxic fans, how in the name of stupidity can you threatened the host, these fans don't know what they want, first they scream scatter the tables then when he does his life and that of his gorgeous family gets threatened, what a shame, so so wrong, that is Ebuka,s job, remember how Lawrence was dragg for his lack of scattering tables, well do I need say more

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