1. Those who wish my girl Tsatsi to live the house,especially young girls /boys of her age.just want to let u know it will not be the end of her life!Tsatsi's Engineering degree awaits her!just 1maths year course paper then My girl is gone…intelligent young Motsatsi a Role Model to our learners!

  2. So tsatsi can not play her game now??This is a game.Tsatsi is not in biggies house to rest.I don't see her manipulative.All I see is a girl going hard for that money..Tsatsi do what you gotta to do mama.The world will adjust 😂

  3. Glory ooooo you just said it. I said this thing earlier that khosi and miracke might just date. During that their valentine dinner was when i said this thing. I wont be surprised o if las las dem date.

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