Yemi Cregz was kicked out of the Big Brother Titans. #YemiCregz #YemiCregzEvicted #KhosiInTears.


  1. Thank God I don't even watch this all Titans thing am waiting to see if we will get our big brother naija minus all this nonsense to be honest this was a whole 👎 for me….Yemi u are blessed u will be more successful than the winner

  2. Yemi is still suppose to be in the game. It's breaks my heart seeing him out of the game. So painful😭
    Only if Yemi knew that his vibes with Blue interests us the most even even my eighty year old grandma loves Yemi's game with Blue and Khosi. It's so painful. Even Juicy Jay my South African favorite, I cried 😭 I guess its because of the pair. If it were to be individual, Yemi and Juicy will still be in the game but it's done already. Olivia, l will miss your analitical skills 💪 Good luck to you guys.

  3. The moment yemi got evicted, I lost interest in the show. The pairing thing made me hate this bbtitan season. Very genuine hms like yemi, sandra, jaypee, juicy jay have been evicted just bcos of the pairing thing. I wonder what nana is still doing in that house Justin has no content and yet he is there.
    Thabang may be smart and creative but he is full of hatred on yemi just bcos of a girl. I pray he never wins the show.
    I lost interest completely on that show already.
    I know the hms will be unpaired tonight but it's so sad that they will be doing that after yemi's eviction

  4. Khosi is a great gamer but she also love Yemi love can be found anywhere,what if her boyfriend outside did not want to commit and a woma n can change her mind if find a serious guy life is pacckaged in a mysterious ways

  5. Hmmmmmmm 🤔 this show. Have been watching it sketchily yet people fully watch it but are blind to see that the organisers made up the votes to evict some housemates because the organisers feel these particular housemates are into ships that are boring the audience because monotony is boring. Yep , when you look at khosi you know her script for the whole day (yemi ), is that not boring, won't you immediately change the channel? when you look at Yvonne you know her script for the whole day (juicy j), is that not boring watching someone for long when you know what the person is going to do the next step? So the organisers had to come out with the decision of faking the results so that those scripted ships ( considered boring to them and the viewers) should sink so that other ships (khosibang + khosicle on in a triangle and maybe thayvonne who knows) should set sale and entertain the public and the organisers and their sponsors(who are behind every final decision for eviction)

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