1. Of course like I said in one of your videos . Why they nominated nana because they find her uncool and not up to their standard. Not cause she spoke about been poky

  2. I am really disliking this jenni o girl she’s very very annoying 😞 I just hope they loss d wager I want drama biko 😂

  3. Glory you are misunderstanding the slang word 'Chile' that's commonly used by US YouTubers and now used by SA Youtubers a lot. That's the word Yaya's been using and it's not meant to belittle anyone

  4. I find Mmeli’s laissez-faire leadership style interesting, call it a strategy to “not offend any of the housemates”, not sure if it will endear him with we the voters. See the parallel with Pere’s militant approach in Shine your eyes Bbnaija

  5. To think Nana introduced herself as that housemate that will be stepping on everyone's toes but now someone has stepped on her toes and she cannot even talk. Hihihih

  6. @fswg, in my opinion, Mmeli (HoH) is playing his gane well. Why create unnecessary negative attention to yourself as the first HoH ? We all know the nominations were fake. Hence, being the first HoH does not give him any competitive advantage over the rest of the housemates. Play it safe and avoid nominations when they actually do matter.

  7. I think due to Nana's past experiences, she has lost her self confidence and she can't bring herself to stand upright and speak for herself

  8. I enjoyed Ebubu diary section more…And juicy jay diary section got me laughing he was like "i nominated Justin because he gives me this kind I am here and I don't know how I got here😹😹

  9. Jenny O is one the captains that wants to control everyone. She is forgetting that we are watching all and see it all. So she needs to improve on herself or she won't last long

  10. Three things:
    1. Your skin color is great!
    2. The way you speak is soo good!
    3. I love how you summarize the show (and other shows). It’s very interesting and entertaining!
    Great job!

  11. Being too nice and friendly gets you nowhere, I have learnt that recently at work as I notice that I do the work, but others get the credit. No FAM! 😮This year, I’m going to speak up immediately if I don’t vibe with what is occurring around me. These HM need to learn that they are not there to make friends just create Alliances. Just as I’m learning at work! Omg, I’m seeing a mirror of my work life via BBN😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 😂 crazy things are happening😂

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