1. But pidgin English is English nah. Nothing hidden unlike Zulu. Everyone would understand pidgin while not everyone would understand zulu

  2. But glory hmmmm singing is hard and now if u add writing the music those are just talents but any way what I thing they would have done is amongst them they would realize a person who has knowledge about that and then that person would be the one to guide all of them

  3. The fact that they were swinging left to right and did not laugh at their lackadaisical attitudes shows how unserious they are.

  4. U still hve me blocked on twitter without doing nada!! U must hve mistaken me for another individual…i would send you a DM…okkkkk

  5. Lol glory oh my Lord…ziyakhala wahala for sure absolutely crap I tell you…these housemates didnt do anything for days and what caused that is the fact that their are some hm who think their superior than others and they dont keep quiet always talking and not listening..dont worry hunger will humble them they should ask the level 2 of last year 不不唐

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