1. Kai….am missing oo, my kids broke my t.v and am not able to watch, but thanks miss glory for the updates as always, I'm not worried cos I know you got me covered.

  2. Good morning Glory, thank you for the updates. I am still struggling to subscribe to showmax. Haven't seen the show yet. Gogo loves you

  3. It's seem like Nana is feeling inferior,why couldn't she speak up when others did instead of the gossip,well we are here for all the gossips and gbas gbos

  4. Hey guys, go right ahead and subscribe to this channel!
    I mean if u can not be here, where else would u be?
    Stop missing out!!!
    Glory, you’re just the best!

  5. I really love this season of BB Titans, Thanks so much glory,ur the bump, thanks for the updates 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

  6. I already love this season so much more than last season. Housemates seem more chilled and relaxed, and not crazy like the likes of Bryann and Chomzy LOL. They seem to all wanna value friendship and not just competition, which may help their game in the long run.

  7. Glory please I want to know where this show is being held Africa or Nigeria please ? I am following you from Senegal enlighten us please

  8. The wager task, for me, is going to help hmates know each other better . The tasks are expected to bond them if they work in love as a group. The hmates vary in strength, smartness and intelligence. So they need to be confident, composed, determined and expectant to win. However, overconfidence and lack of adequate cooperation may cause the loss of wager task .

  9. Serve us the tea Glory🤩😍 following the show closely.
    I am watching the show through you on this channel. 🇿🇲👍

  10. Thank u glory for the update for some of us who r working during the week.mamodumo from South Africa luv u lots❤️🌹

  11. Love the updates for us who busy during the day but with glory everything made easy thanks glory ❤❤watching from Tanzania

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