1. Now that’s how you open the biggest show in Africa ❤️ Amazing performance from the landlord we watch and appreciate all you do . I was so happy watching you on stage it was an amazing amazing performance may God bless you both in all you do ❤️

  2. My Favourite dancers in Africa"🥺 I'm super Proud and happy for both of you guys. I'm really the biggest fan of THE LANDLORDS🔥🤍.
    Thank you for sharing your moments with us,we love you♥️. And may the Good God bless you one day with your Own Dance Studio🙌🏽, cause wow! You deserve it all. Above all I'm your peer, doing a (praise/ spiritual dance) you inspire me to do well &more. Love you hle! Hope to meet both of you one day🤍😊🥰

  3. Thank you for letting us in guys, you were perfect 🥰 💞 I was so happy 😊 to see you on BBT you deserve to be there ❤️. Love you so, so much

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