1. Everybody practically gossips in that house one way or the other. And gossiping is a part of life,i dont know What some of you were expecting in the show, aaaahhhh i get it.."""PERFECT PEOPLE""" .when you yourselves are not perfect….even what FSWG is doing is called gossip in our local english if you guys do not get it…CAPITCH…….I am not a fan of khosi no yemi no blue…but i think khosi's game might end up dissapointing herself because it is getting sticky ,she herself cannot even handle her own heat…from yemi to miracle to thabang its getting hotter for her…no hard feelings just saying, let her fans wish her the best because gurllllllll is entering in hot soup pretty soon

  2. Big Brother couldn't issued a strike or disqualification due to diversity of interest. People from totally different planets comes together. Apparently, such scuffles must ensued.

  3. This Jenny O she's annoying Gloria, when Big brother addressing the house mates yesterday she keeps on smiling and rolling eyes. I felt like Big brother should have given her a strike she was rude.

  4. That was good of Biggie not to hand over punishment for now just to warn them.Lets see next time how the ring leaders are going to behave because there are those who like to provoke othets and be very bossy.People are human even the most quiet one ,if she or he is pushed to the limit hell can break loose just to show that to be quiet doesn't mean cowardise.

  5. Honestly, I don't know if it's the same Biggie but since level up, he has been super lenient. Some people bring up drama even when there's nothing. Such people come across to me as 'lacking content'. Speaking of requests, some of them will hold the mic from where they are seated and say "big brother, I need this and that"…awon werey!

  6. most of these housemates won't change because of their evil plans, they forgot that this is just a game but some are taking things so personal that they want to spoil other partners game. I just hope Biggie revisit this partner thing and allowed them get their own strikes not affecting others.

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