Big brother Naija’s darkest secrets revealed!

The reality show Big Brother Naija season 7 2022 is satanic and it is now clear that the show is powered by Lucifer himself even after…


  1. This guy talking are you not trying to act like BB? Why Is your face not on this video you made or your channel?

    You're also looking for farm just like your aunty mummy G O okay you both should enjoy and stop pork nosing in people's business.

  2. oh please it can not be satanic you are just hallucinating no big deal at all we pray every time but nothing happens just shut up if you have nothing to say you just can not trust some lady who knows what she is doing it for🤣

  3. Why are you destroying someone's image
    If am there I will sue you and and make sure no bail
    You are mad stupid useless and wasteless fool
    Y are you watching nonsense thing
    You dey craze poverty na e dey worry you
    You no go make am

    And again don't you ever talk about that woman on the media

  4. Who told you that they don't pray in Biggie's house. Say what you know because i have seen some of them praying. Even Khalid who is a Moslem has been praying too. Say what you know and sure of

  5. And yes the unusual sound is to wake them up and besides I don't think You are deaf because if you listen carefully after the strange sound there was a beep sound signifying that the record has ended

  6. Evicted or non evicted they have fans
    They can't say a prayer in the house because it is not only christians that are watching the show it wouldn't be a loss because those that are not Christian would feel akward

  7. YouTube channel is not for everyone the reason they become popular and famous is because they are on a freaking national television

  8. You said started from Canada and them later Nigeria. What about Big brother Africa, do you know it was there before BBN and it was more interesting?
    For your information Sir, it was in South Africa and involved housemates from different regions of Africa.
    So Nigeria copied and started theirs hence, calling it BBN.

  9. Guy if you want to be famous…. Go bbn….. Ona just they make me laugh….. Bros anything make you blow online, you go get endorsement… Guy de are allowed to pray… It's a reality show.. dey are other show like this all over the world… So now sex na demonic act.. guy go rest.

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