Big Brother Naija’s Adekunle cries as a fan steals her phone at Landmark Beach [WATCH VIDEO]

Big Brother Naija star Adekunle took to Twitter to cry over his stolen phone which was stolen by a fan who asked him for a…

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  1. As if being levelled down post big brother,i snot enough as if not scoring any girl despite him trying with Alyson, Diana, Rachel, Daniella and Beauty was not enough, as if him not getting any brand endorsement deals bost bbnaija was not enough as if watching housemates who did not even make it through halfway the show eg Khalid, Modella, Beauty, Amaka making millions post big brother show is not enoughas if watching housemates who were not even finalist having more followers than him is not enough, as if being thrown off stage by Ayra Starr bouncers is not enough, as if not getting exclusive invites for A listers events like Wakanda is not enough, as if not being dressed up by high end fashion designers like Tiana was not enough, as if not recieving hero welcome at the Cape tOwn SA airport was not enough, as being not having concrete plan post bbshow is not enough NOW THIS THEY STEAL HIS PHONE. I THOUGH HE WAS A LAGOS BOY WHO GREW UP IN LAGOS NOT AT THE BUNDUS. THESE THIEVES DO THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THAT THIS GUY HAS NOT MADE A LOT OF MONEY POST BBSHOW DESPITE HIS FELLOW FINALIST LIKE BELLA AND CHICHI WHO HAVE MADE MILLIONS, RELEASED PRODUCTS AND SIGNED MULTIPLE ENDORSEMENT DEALS, DO THESE THIEVES. On a serias note though Adekunle needs some cleansing as he is becoming irrelevant day by day while not finalists are thriving day by day

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