#Big Brother Naija#phyna React as ROMOUR Spreading that Groovy is in a new relationship with #LIQUOROSE

Big Brother Naija Phyna reacts as ROMOUR Spreads that #Groovy is in a new relationship with Exbbnaija’s roommate #LIQUROSE.


  1. People do not know that Groovy is a perfect gentle man. He keeps to his words. He publicly said that Phyna is the real deal and nothing can change it.

  2. It's not like he's kissing her or he said something it's just pictures, Phyna also loves Liqourose it's not like Groovy is cheating trust him he's not a player but he looks like bcos women loves her and he's cute, but that will never change. He's got a good heart he can't play Phyna like that.

  3. Yaa saga love Nini no doubt m not surprise…he even cry for hr …dts call love …..mi Babies will be fine groophy …it's just grovy hs personality is quite

  4. Mouth sad bloger …..groovy no hiding place …if she love phyna must go for hr period …but if u wach grovy stay inside DE house …he sad wen he is in relationship is loyal …he can't fake it ….we saw hm a lot beg fina inside d house ….mi prob I think he is a baby mamas baby …fgeting D's life is hs no matter what ….n fina can anything cook .. intelligence woman ever….he must think twice ….even with beauty was a good cooker …only she is toxic ….he must go for a material woman …not fancy staff ….mi opinion

  5. I love groovy and phyna so much I pray everyday God let them get married in Jesus mighty name Amen I don't want them to end up like ozone

  6. How much do you guys want groovy to prove that he loves phyna he knows what he want nobody is there anything the talk God abeg o leave groovy mother out of this🙏

  7. Thank you so much mr . I always want groovy and phyna to get mariage. That's my dream. Bcz phyna is so real and she's better for groovy and she love's groovy too much and you can see it in all her actions.But groovy side is scaring.For me i think groovy is kind of guy who is mother and sisters makes a decisions for him. I don't know if is with phyna just bcz phyna won the show or just for ppl or just bcz phyna help him alot in the show or just someone tell him to be with her or is scared without phyna is nothing or I don't know. If he knows I can never Mary her is better for him to leave phyna now. Phyna deserve good things in life. Thank you

  8. Groovy always talk to Phyna about things , they are in love and Phyna doesn't have that negativity about Groovy , he won't leave Phynahe lives her.

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