1. Regarding ebuka's question to Bella, this Bella is gone. Shame even catch sheggs but the idiot still said she likes him and he has improved. What TF? And now see sheggs explaining bullshit to Bella in the garden.
    As for adekunle, lemme not talk much, cos I don't know what level 2 did to him as well, yet he rushed to phyna's side of cooking, dem go soon drag am with him brown goatee

  2. You see this life ehn, hate is bad, especially hating someone who has done nothing to you. Chomzy and eloswag was busy talking about how they couldn't wait to see phyna evicted and how the house will be calm when she leaves. Even in the level 3 house, chomzy was saying she couldn't wait to see the look on phyna and hermes' face when they go back to the house(cos she thought they are going back). I don't even know what phyna did to that girl. Abi na because of man? Man wey want you go come for you, even of there's another girl wanting him. Chomzy is way too bitter for my liking, and me I can't wait to see the shock in her face when phyna is announced on the big stage as the winner of bbn s7

  3. Sweet twist. Having a good heart doesn't mean one is fake. One with God is with majority. Grace will continue to follow the people with good heart, even if the whole world choose evil over good. Everything is God made and God is good, so no matter what keep being a good person if you are.
    Chomzy it is definitely not going be the end of the road for you.

  4. Haters everywhere😂😂😂
    This is just the beginning for chomzy oh atleast bigbrother has cover up for that twist she pulled on her when she won HOH and her week got a fake éviction supper happy for this twist.
    Never been this happy go girl you got this win as many task as you can. My self made Arena queen dispite all the physical fit Male contestants

  5. Big brother can't let go of Chomzy…he has a soft spot for her. He wants her to keep winning games so that she won't lose much when she doesn't win the 100m. Infact he wants her to win the car.
    I no buy this new twist atall.

  6. Biggie did this level3 because of Chomzy because he know that she will be evicted today. This level3 something is not making sense at all.

  7. Hmmmm this twist Sha I no understand, don't know the use but is big brothers game he can do anything he wants doyin has more votes than chomzy and eloswag yes phyna was very happy, sheggz is shocked by what happened today as adekunle and Hermes are shocked that only level one housemates are evicted.

  8. Biggie is getting it twisted … but Y❓❓❓even if d EVICTED Hms can still compete in other games in d house (aside frm 100million) , it should b a privilege for d last 10 or last 8 housemates standing.

  9. Sheggz is always sorry. If people were to get paid for the number of times he says sorry then a lot of people would be millionaires

  10. They are already evicted, they are now just guest in big brother house. That means that they are no longer contestant of the 100m.

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