Big Brother Naija Season 7 Winner🏆 Most Beautiful Roommate 2022

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up Edition has 14 female contestants this year 2022 and we are going to rank these housemates…


  1. Your ranking was very wrong. Bella can't even be number 5 not to talk of number one. She gat no nice shape, legs, height etc, only small fine face but not the best

  2. You guys are saying bella because beauty didn't stay still the end of show,most people didn't notice how beauty she's beauty is Finner than bella

  3. Ilebaye s so beautiful very beautiful n she s 13 even Amaka too
    If u r toking abt facial looks chichi,christy o, racheal, na makeup help dem….my Ilebaye s second after bella….Chomzy mouth self too wide for me

  4. Nice but i think the list would have been better if Beauty got the no 1 spot followed by Bella..
    Secondly, why you carry Amaka put where she no know😅
    She suppose dey among top 5.

  5. To be really Frank, BELLA is the most beautiful to be serious, just look at her natural beauty with or without makeup 🥰🤩😍😝😛

  6. Beauty is finest no cap , beauty is so sweet without makeup, not that bella is not fine but beauty is more beautiful than Bella even sheggs said when he saw beauty he has met a very beautiful girl in the level 2 . I even thought if they had not sperated the house into 2 levels sheggs would be gone for beauty instead of bella, I always had that hutch about it.

  7. rubbish.On what planet is Bella prettier than Beauty… rubbish Ranking. Beauty is 100% most beautiful contestant this year. No cap

  8. But without brains mo beauty , coz this kam from a pure heart , be crful if u kam to attack me u will also have no brains not to think sm pipo with no hearts of loving like beauty , bella and chomy are not beautiful

  9. All i see is layers of make up they are totally different from their natural form without make-up from what we have seen in the house, Allysyn and Daniella always put less make-up they don't transform to a totally different person …. put their make-up free face then you can judge not this

  10. No one beat beauty in that house, follow by bella.why would doyin,phyna, Racheal and Daniella beat Amaka,l didn't agree

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