1. Hi Glory.
    I, like every other person really want something different this time around cos a lot has been scripted over the years by the housemates.
    Maybe there should be a Chef this time around so no one play the kitchen card this year or they should do something tasking before they get any food to even cook for themselves not just the wager task alone.

    My own theme for this season should be Game On!

  2. Hi everyone! Please, for those who are able to watch bbn in the us or Canada, how were you able to watch? The place I catch the show on is not too consistent. Thank you.

  3. Truth is, I'm not looking forward to d show except ur analysis which is enough for me.
    I hate toxicity, immorality, intolerance and d negative vibes Nigerians now tagged as woke or fun.
    The last edition was a wack, didn't watch and regret it.
    Except there's anything new and devoid of negative vibe, I'm in.
    It's high time we prompt our nation and culture in good light, people are watching!

  4. D winners aren't really predictable, it is the audience that are predictable and they are the ones that choose these predictable winners. It explains why d housemates can manipulate them with poverty stories, mental health stories, single parents stories, totally in love stories bullshits

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