Big Brother Naija Season 7 The Most Handsome And Handsome Roommates

This video is about the hottest and hottest housemates in season 7 of #Big Brother Naija. Do well to watch until the end and share…


  1. This is absolutely unnecessary. It's not fair !! Doyin cannot be rated last at all. She is a beautiful girl
    All these girls are beautiful in their own ways. God made them beautiful.

  2. Well, left to me, Adekunle is handsome how can you say Hermes is handsome than Adekunle and Amaka phyna and Bella are most beautiful female in the house. Adekunle is my number one anyway

  3. They are all cute💯 Dis wasn't necessary tho! Mental health is important 👌 Nor b everything person dey yarn modon🙄

  4. For the girls in this order is (1) Beauty.(2) modela (3) Amaka (4)Phyna . (5) Bella (6) ilebaye (7) Daniela (8)Chumsy.(9)Chichi (10)Recheal (11) Diana (12) Doyin (13((13) Allyson

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