Big Brother Naija season 7: Sheggz warns Chomzy against Groovy | Beauty is always there says Modella

Sheggz warns Chomzy against Groovy | Beauty is still the show says Modella Big Brother Naija season 7: Saturday night party drama,…


  1. Groovy ain’t playing any game. The girls are on him. Most of the girls likes him and he doesn’t mind. He is too chilled to stop themselves from coming on him. He is highly attracted to beauty or chomzy. Beauty has a serious anger issues and she needs to get that fixed lol. Now you could be mad that your man is with another girl or you could just break things off and move on . Groovy isn’t forcing any girl mam

  2. I really don't know why people are judging Groovy …. The girls are also doing the same thing to him. I recalled during the first Saturday night party Beauty said to Doyin that outside the house Groovy is not up to the standard of the men she roles with bla bla ,tell me what is that ? Now phyna too is still going after Eloswag so why groovy groovy .

  3. Groovy didn't do anything wrong to these girls. They should go and work on themselves. Nengi will always be the blue print. Phyna is a cheap girl. From groovy to Eloswag and back to groovy last night. Angel of last season jumped from Sammie to kayvee to Yousef to Cross and was also playing around Emma. She stayed till the final. It's a game. simple

  4. Groovy is not doing anything wrong. Phyna went to him after seeing he was with beauty, Groovy begin groove. Then she goes to Eloswag to beg, then ilebaye comes to do the work of unsolicited lawyer, e join her put d like. Then e enter house,phyna too very horny and playing the game still hook am cos she knows he is currently trending. The sad part is dat d card he is playing will still shoot him in d leg. The peeson he will be with and not flirt again is Chomzy. Why? Cos Chomzy is also every guy's want. Groovy is a confirmed strategist.

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