Big Brother Naija Season 7 Most Followed Housemate On Instagram And Their Handles

This video contains the data of all Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates and their Instagram followers and handles. Do well to take care of…


  1. Sheggz was the 3rd but these desperado bella fans went to report his account because he had more followers than her. I dont know why his fans havent reported bellas account. Just imagine the level of wickedness. This useless bella fans are the same ones that keep destroying the male housemates just to promote the female in every season. Last year it was dora. Very useless set if fools. I dont know why sheggz hasnt knack that girl and move on. Imagine not sleeping with her or taking advantage of her on national tv yet you are being for just having arguements yet someone else has been doing worst but they pretend not to see

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