Big Brother Naija Season 7 Home Tour 2022

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates will be announced soon, but before that, let me take you for a ride in the big brother…


  1. I taught you were criticizing the show now you're in love with the decoration
    Excuse you
    Did I just hear you say you wish you were in the house
    This man your double standards needs to be applauded

  2. " White money of this edition we want to eat " 🀣 LOL yes . I also want to see the white money of this edition. But the house looks different from what you are showing us

  3. Na this be big brother house. I was actually complaining that where the house mates entered today is just too small. Wow!! It's beautiful

  4. I said biggie can never disclose the house before the show… I'm sure you can trust me now Mr poster…. are you watching the show right now?… 😁😁

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