Big Brother Naija SEASON 7: ACT BIGGIE FOR A DAY AT THE MANSION | BIG BROTHER | Big Brother Naija 2022 |

Big Brother Naija SEASON 7: ACT BIGGIE FOR A DAY AT THE MANSION | BIG BROTHER | Big Brother Naija 2022 | GLORY ELIJAH Meet the…


  1. I can't wait for your in-depth analysis on season 7. You look so beautiful with this Green top. Glory going all savage on the new housemates 😊

  2. As for me lemme just predict the housemates: light skinned fine girl (probably mixed), housemates from abroad, housemate from a humble background and rich kid, let's see.

  3. I don’t think publicising the diary session will work, I feel like the only person that will truly be exposed is the person who goes first. The rest will figure out that the diary sessions are public and so they won’t really throw shade at the other housemates because they know there’re listening.

  4. Have you considered the fact that by taking away their duvets they could fall ill out of cold and biggie will end up spending more to treat them?

  5. Glorrrrrrrrryyyyyyy ehhh if it was possible to get this kind of bigbrother l swear this will be the best bigbrother ever but lf l was bigbrother for a day l would make random eviction and l will make sure the housemates will nominate and evict the very same day

  6. I don't agree with the diary session part because they will be aware that , whatever someone will say in the Diary room will be heard by them.

  7. Glory you are……seriously 🙌 🤣🤣🤣but iam loving it anyway I wil be the second evil from you…Oooo the 1 step in my house i wil mes up the garden with dirt very very dirty they wil have to start cleaning after the life show introduction into the house with all those their official outfits Oooooobring it🤣🤣🤣😀

  8. Haaaaa GLORY it's like you want this HMs to pay for the boredom of last season 😀😀😀. I pray this our expectations don't get ruined.

  9. Glory!!!😂😂
    Please add that nomination will come before HOH task. Whoever wins, if nominated will now swap himself with another house mate.

  10. Asides vawulence, there’s a little bit of strictness there. She said they can’t be sleeping in her mansion during the day 😂😂😂🤣

  11. Glory!! Glory!! How manytimes dd i call you heeeeee i hope bigbrother is listening and taking points bt well i know ebuka is watching😂😂😂😂ebuka are you ther na!!? Abeg take notes

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