1. For me I will accept all the gifts from everyone and MUTE my comment section on all my Social medias which means " u can see but cannot talk" to still maintain my Sanity.πŸ˜‚

  2. Glory you are not just beautiful, but you are so intelligent, no one could have said this any better, the moment you start collecting oshofree gifts, just know u have given them the chance to detect what happens in your life , who to date and who not to date , what brand to sign and what brand not to sigh , when cross rejected that 20m many people says he has pride but let me just say this in pidgin English , who get pride better pass see finish , phyna was wrong on all level , she engineered all this ,now she’s the saying phynations should leave her alone , phyna u are nothing without ur fans, if u want nobody should be in your business don’t drop ur business on social media, she should have not audition for the show , cuz fame come with a price , and the way u carry yourself with that fame matters a lot .

  3. I said it that Phyna will cry for what she did to CHI-CHI and AMAKA and failed to sincerely apologize to them and they make up for each other and move forward for better tomorrow.
    But in Converse Phyna opened her dirty mouth and said that she owes no apologies to anyone. No wahala but she can not go far with this attitude. Let us have our fingers crossed.

  4. When I saw that video I just laughed. When people like Glory make videos advising them on how to behave. They always feel like it is something they can handle or something they can chest. It is OVERWHELMING. you are not the first to do it. Anyways, they will learn eventually

  5. She done chop 100m worth price Nah. She fit they shake body…. Walahi, she want use cry stop her nation now. Remember she said she can stop them anytime she feels like….

  6. Phyna wasn’t prepared for this after life. And it really can be depressing. My own is she has won, she should focus on her brand and all of that endorsement coming. Or better still bond with her family and leave social media. But she also has been toxic to some other people now it’s coming from those who β€œmade” her it’s hitting differently.
    It’s all fun and games until it’s your time. I hope she finds closure and really levels up.
    We already have enough wahala in the world, Phyna should rest please.

    Thank you Glory❀❀❀.

  7. @Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah, I want to collect one of your wigs πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž, that's the gift I won't reject

  8. This made me remembered Usher's true Hollywood story I once watched. The fans didn't like his partner, they wanted someone else for him. As he was performing on stage one day, some fans started shouting, soon almost every one was saying unnice things about his relationship, he was given a chance to speak right there on the stage, he said something about loving the present woman in his life, the fans got infuriated and started stoning him with their shoes and other objects.
    He was quickly whisk back stage, his fans didn't stop, they continued until the stage was filled up with their shoes and other objects booing him at the same time.
    From this story I learnt how controlling and over demanding some fanatic fans can be especially to celeb. that encourage them by ignoring all the red flags.

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