Big Brother Naija Gist: High Priestess on a post-victory high – Big Brother Naija | Big Brother: Next Level | Magic of Africa

Must-have hairstyles, outstanding performance on tasks, gbas gbos with everyone who came to pick her up on her ship with…


  1. Nigeria my country am surprised at how we glorify immorality some one that acted porn on the show turned out to be a winner am wondering what the next in coming house mate are going to do may GOD have mercy on us I pity next generation because they re going to definitely miss praying mothers

  2. The most thing I love about Phyna is that despite her strong personality, she wasn't scared of showing her vulnerable side. She already knew that she was being dragged for that Beauty/Amaka/ Groovy situation but still, she wasn't ashame to have deep conversations with Groovy. Even when she felt like he didn't want her, she didn't act all strong for fear of shame…Phyna was living her real life in that house. I wonder if she ever thought for once that there were on tv but for the dairy sessions. Girl is a realist…I Loveβ™₯️

  3. Phyna is real and it’s because of her realness that she was misunderstood for not being loyal! She never cared who it was whether a friend or not, when she needed to speak, she spoke the truth. That’s a real Queen you are seeing there!
    With Love from Zambia

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