Big Brother Naija 2022: THE SHOCKING EXPULSION OF AMAKA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: THE SHOCKING EXPULSION OF AMAKA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge WATCH all…


  1. Y is amaka been evicted without vote it's not fair where is the power of the viewers?? .. where people where big brother this season has to much partiality 😡😡😡😤

  2. Omo I'm just so pained
    Normally I just download all ur videos and watch later but this tym I just have to chip in
    Like for real I'm really pained
    That girl really suffered last week and now 🤦🏾‍♀️
    There seriously and sincerely better be a good explanation for this 😐

  3. I loved Amaka very much.. i would wish for her to look back and choose her friends wisely… as the other day she was supporting Eloswag n Diana instead of Phina..

  4. I just have a problem with HMs when it comes to nominations, with drama pisses me off, why thinking and pretending knowingfullywell that every Monday is nomination night. I wonder how they also think, when their nominations should be based on their oppressors or someone that has high advantage them.

  5. Na former level 2 HMs no get sense, they should have been channelling their votes towards their initial rivals in Level 1 to evict them. Afterall, that's always been their earlier plan.

  6. Am gradually loosing interest on this show bks making placing evictions on the hands of the housemates instead of the viewers isn't encouraging at all.

    Bks they will end of evicting the reasonable ones and leaving those that are not worth the time and money to win the show.

    This is going to be sheeggz and Bella's opportunity to mobilize others against Adekunle and others..

  7. This is too much for Amaka she has not gotten over from how her bestie phyna deceive her into helping her to toast groovy for her and stylishly won him to her self after confiding in her that she likes groovy,also Godivaya that soppose to heal her emotions ended up by serving her with breakfast.also,Brynn,modela and Daniella have been all over her and dragging her in the house,which led her into almost burning the microwave and Biggie asked her to toast the microwave which she did v well but the strategy use by biggie to evict her is annoying

  8. U guyzz are forging that this is big brothers rules and his house ok n deji vote did not count and Amaka has been doing a lot lately she deserve to leave ok ✅

  9. I feel really bad about Amaka's eviction, the twists make the show unpredictable but too much of anything is bad. The viewers got no chance to keep her in the house. That is a twist too heavy, as viewer I need to still know that I play a role in keeping my housemate in the game. This is not a movie, it is a game and there has to be rules!

  10. To think that Shegz and Bella were not nominated tells me how good their game of being in the good books of the house regardless of the annoying bragging of "big Shegz" and their condescending attitude. First he manageed to get majority of the housemates to turn against Adekunle. Yes he penetrated Dotun (air brain l call him) and Doyin and succeeded to make them believe Adekunle is not real. He cornered Groovy first day and told him Adekunle put up Groovy and his babe during his reign as HOH like other housemates didn't have a hand in it…. hence their nominations.

    Shegz will always go to anyone he clashes with and brainwash them. I give it to them. If they don't go this week that everyone is up for eviction, then forget it, they will ride like level 1 to finals. I wish the viewers sees through them and give one person up honestly. They are annoying….

  11. I detest hypocrisy with passion. I now loved Lucy that halted her housemates from hugging her when she was evicted some seasons ago. See how Daniella was the first to go hug Amaka.

  12. First Glory, I want to know who and who nominated Amaka for eviction.. Secondly, I put it to Biggie that he never liked Amaka. We are watching the show like he is watching too.

  13. If only Doyin will compose and conduct herself by not seeking unnecessary companionship with the sheggzs and bella camp, I believe Beauty's fans could save her by voting massively for her because she is a beautys apologists, beside she sounds intelligent in discussions.

  14. This is the most touching eviction for me this season…Well don't worry baby girl, you're made already, God's plan is always the best✌

  15. It is somehow unfair that the votes of fake Hm's don't count but when they win movie roles and sponsered tasks they get the money mtcheeew

  16. It is so unfair, injustice for Amaka and her fans,she is not my fave but her fans were not given an opportunity to keep her in the house,it was a gang up amongst her fellow housemates and Biggie,afterall Amaka isn't the only housemate with a bad side in short her bad side dey learn for where many of the housemates own bad side dey,I have really lost interest in this show,big brother is a failure

  17. If this was a normal eviction process, we all know that Doyin and Adekunle would never have stood a chance compared to Amaka

  18. I don't know what y'all think but I know Amaka is a gossip. She turns people against each other.
    That was her strategy I guess but it's only unfortunate that she had to leave now that she was turning a new live.

  19. I am sad that Amaka was evicted,I wish she stayed back to redeem herself from their plot.

    If I were in Danielle's shoes,I would have rejected the offer from Dotun but the fear of nomination and eviction is the beginning of strategy.We will watch out for her

  20. amaka already had a strike and mic infriengment,microwave pushment, which Doyin did not have…so she stood more chance to be evicted,she was already in Biggie's black books….but it's very painful to watch….wish her all the best

  21. I feel very sad for Amaka, was inside the bus when i heard she has been evicted.. what a cruel eviction, so nobody nominated mr and mrs ikoyi… last last segun will not give them that connection they are waiting for nonsense…Thanks glory for the update i for personally drag biggie wotowoto… Chizzy should just frustrate those bunch of hypocrite. VAWULENCE HEADQUATER I STAN, RESTAN AND PAKISTAN… K'AM BIAKWA NU

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