Big Brother Naija 2022: THE EXPULSION OF AMAKA; THE REAL REASON | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: THE EXPULSION OF AMAKA; THE REAL REASON | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Let's look at it this way

    Since big brother know that the fake house mates votes won't count, then he wouldn't have allowed Thier names to be mentioned because, the time many people used in mentioning deji… chizzy..and Rachel should have been use to call the names of real housemates

    And so reducing the chances of amaka name coming up many times than any other housemates

    If big brother does not want the house mates to know about the fake housemates, he should have ask any one that mentioned any of the fake house mates to mention up to three names knowing fully well that the fakes house mate won't be counted. And so him not allowing the fake house mates vote not counted will be understanding.

    Then all those other reasons of the beef is not enough for big brother to evict but is understandable why house mates nomitaed her but my own is those that didn't nominate her and nominated fake house mates would have channel that energy to nominate other real housemates…. And so reduces the chance of her leaving

    Since the fake house mates weren't counted that means any housemates that mentioned the fake house only ended up mentioning one name

    Am out of here and please glory give us other gist and live Amaka own…tired of hearing this self what's my own so long my fave is still in the house

  2. Hi Glory, thank you for always making wonderful reviews on the show and keeping us up-to-date. I just want to say you look very pretty and beautiful in this red outfit plus I love how you styled your hair, I think it fits you so well. Much love ❤️😍.

  3. I feel like biggie really wanted to get rid of Amaka its just so painful seeing her leave ,he should better not stop with Amaka housemates should now be evicting themselves by themselves since public opinion and vote doesn't count,
    Did they even think about her mental health ,I would have preferred biggie disqualifying her for microphone infringement than being evicted because she has th highest votes,the housemates doesn't want her, what about the viewing audience did we tell them we don't want her
    My fav is still there but I really miss Amaka,as of giddyfire I can't wait to drag him when time comes,

  4. to be honest as a 1ST time viewer of the big brother show, there soo much wrong with the show, at 1st I didn't understand why they will allow most level 2 evicted but I had to accept it "may the best man or woman win". with the eviction I wish big brother did not tell the house mate it an eviction, because now you are giving power to the housemate.. Gloria all your point was spot on, Amaka also had an impact with this eviction, I still don't understand why she can't wear her mic.

  5. I will really disagree with you for the first time
    I understand why the housemates nominated her
    But I don't understand why the viewers were not allowed to vote
    The winner should be chosen by the viewers fairly
    And she wasn't even my fave but she was unfairly evicted looks like a conspiracy and biggie was at the top of bullying

  6. See biggie is a scam
    Knowing very that there is a gang up hatred for amaka,
    That Monday could have not been the best time for such evictions.
    Biggie disqualified amaka not evit her. And biggie didn't care about amaka fans and our vote doesn't matter or important to biggie

  7. I think she deserves it, she talks too much, pass on message to the next level(gossips) she was against her level mates , issues with biggi, opening of foods that are not hers at times smells it and take and eat it. I felt sorry the way she left but it's a lesson for her.

  8. I agree with what you have said, Glory. Amaka even told Doyin that she regretted some of her decisions since the merge. And sorry to say, I suspect she was the tampon/ pad litterer just to get a reaction from the other housemates. Sis couldn't help but make bad decisions… subconscious sabotage🤦‍♀🤦‍♀😒😒

  9. Glory well done. Did you also help us analyze Modela's removal (I won't classify it as eviction) from the house. Though a fake housemate her entry into the house was with dignity as with real housemates. Modela's removal where she was asked to identify herself as a fake housemate thereafter she was consequently bluntly told to take a walk out of the house had nothing dignifying about. In effect housemates know ye all the housemate that erroneously thinks she is a real housemate instead of jejely executing my secret tasks, she is just an ordinary fake housemate!
    In Season 2 Jon Oga, and Ese Eriata, both fake housemates were accorded more dignity when it was time for them to leave! I was just wondering Modela's apparent shabby treatment was it to show big brother's displeasure at her repeated inability to properly execute biggies secret tasks; whereas Deji commendably , successfully executed his? Just wondering!

  10. Amaka’s eviction was shocking, I really wish Big brother had given the top 3 nominees an opportunity to save themselves, like a puzzle or a game of chance. Just evicting her like that without giving her an opportunity to save herself is not fair!!!

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