Big Brother Naija 2022: THE DISQUALIFICATION OF ANALYZED BEAUTY | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP| Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: THE DISQUALIFICATION OF ANALYZED BEAUTY | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. I didn't see a woman who was on a strategy, I saw someone who genuinely lost it especially at the point she hit Groovy with her wig, she was already at the point where she had no control anymore, she damned all the signals and ofcos the repercussions of her actions, first you see a situation that could be of danger to you and instead of just walking out and allowing things to cool off she stayed put, she should see a therapist for real.

  2. Or maybe this just the first level of her madness am sure she is going to bring up stories that made her act like that outside the house for sympathy love and endorsements

  3. Or maybe this just the first level of her madness am sure she is going to bring up stories that made her act like that outside the house for sympathy love and endorsements

  4. Beauty is beautiful and Smart, and stood a chance of winning this season, people gravitated to her for her looks and her smarts, she just sold herself negatively which is so sad. I hope she works on herself.

  5. Glory. How often do you go shopping or do you own a boutique? I have lost count on your wears and there isn’t prior wear in your videos. Thumbs up.

  6. Come to think of it I think what Doyin said was true about Beauty not fighting over a man outside it could be one of her strategy because she has watched the pasted shows and has seen the reason why they got disqualified. She knew that been violence to your fellow housemate can lead to a strike but yet still she decided to do. Even after the first strike she received her attitude went from bad to worse as if that was her game plan all along. It's true that too much of drinking alcohol can make you tipsy but beauty was on her right frame of mind when she was performing and all the things she said it doesn't look as if she was under any influence of alcohol because according to Amaka she told her to apologize to Phyna for calling her an hypocrite and she refused saying that she meant every bit of word she said to her.even when big brother was stating her rude behavior she was smiling she had no remorse at all and she knew her status who will risk her achievement just for a man all in the name of love if she didn't planned it. That girl have sense she knew everything she was saying and I don't believe that she doesn't have a man.

  7. Thanku so much miss Glory
    I really am enjoying the gist🤗 coz my decoder is faulty and so don't get to watch it.
    My thought about Beauty's act dat got her being disqualified is the fact u also made metion of which was maybe bcoz she became so loose of herself to a man in just a couple of weeks they got into d Bbnaija house

  8. Brands and people encourage their behavior by endorsing them and giving them gifts so they think they can behave any how, come out of bbn and be famous.

  9. If you ask me what I think,
    I feel Beauty outside the house already lived a life of getting anything she wants, being the centre of attraction and being in charge
    In the house all of her walls were demolished so it didn't favour her already established lifestyle

    I would never believe this was a strategy
    Of course she never planned of meeting groovy in the house and can never be so sure of a guy being drawn towards her

    For her disqualification, she already saw it coming after after her actions, it was not premeditated

  10. She showed us all her sides. Sweet,kind,loveable and flawed. She had the potential to win this show. Too bad,shit happened. I hope she comes back stronger.

    I am still hurt o😭💔

  11. Dear glory, my respect for you has grown. Today you spoke my mind in totality regarding the Tacha and Erica’s situation. Lastly exactly what I said and think about Beauty seems to be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

  12. Thanks Glory Elijah for taking out time to review this once again, there is no better way to have said this, cus you said it all it looks like a strategy to me but if it wasn't then indeed she seriously needed help. Before she looses it completely.

  13. Hey Glory, just had a chance to catch up.

    Honestly I do believe it was Beauty’s strategy to get disqualified. I literally watched how she became a party pooper on Saturday night. All her actions and how she was addressing Big Brother, she could have gone to bed after her actions outside when she recalled her strike from last week. But she kept talking and talking and calling big brother on so many occasions and even warning him. She totally knew what she was doing.

    If it her strategy to get disqualified, she could have waited a little bit. But again someone has to be the first lol

  14. Big Brother is a European franchise reality show thus it will always be founded on Western Philosophy. It was not created in Africa thus it can not founded on African ideology. Europeans philosophy believes in self expression, individualism, selfishness basically anything to get to the top no matter what. I am still shock yet also impressed at how Nigerians expect the Show to have no "toxicity" yet all these internationally western shows thrives on bad behaviour in order to get views and ratings. There is saying in these reality shows that 'any publicity is good publicity' or 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' which is said to emphasise that it is better that someone to receive bad publicity than no publicity at all. Look at Christ O she was good girl with not toxic treats yet Beauty will have a stronger fanbase than her. This is unfortunate because humans are drawn to drama. For instance your top viewed video for BBNijah 7 is discussion on Beauty atrocious behaviour toward ilebaye her lashing out at ilebaye. Things will get worse in these Reality Shows every season as GenZ are exposed through social media – how bad behaviour makes you blow up and trend. I honestly think that Nigeria is a beauty country with its people still upholding to the African way of things of which I approve. Unfortunately all these western reality shows such as big brother house wives ext will influence the younger generation of Nigerians to behave the western way. In the Western reality shows bad behaviour is rewarded for. In the West if an influencer is involved in a scandal that scandal can either make them blow you up or destroy them through cancel culture. It's been proven that cancel culture does not work as bad behaviour has no consequences but rewards. You see this youtubers, tiktokers, social media influencers as soon as they are involved in a scandal their subscribers and followers blow up. A good example is Cardi B: Cardi's bad behaviour in the reality show love and hiphop made her one of the biggest international rappers! So yeah bad behaviour pays off.

  15. I was watching an American series called “All American” and it open my eye to depression and there is a character for depression which Beauty display here in biggies house and I think Beauty got into biggies house with depression and got overwhelmed been in a confined place.

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