Big Brother Naija 2022: SHEGGZ AND BELLA IN THE TOILETS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: SHEGGZ AND BELLA IN THE TOILETS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. keep on your negativity, why are you ttrying so hard to paint this two people bad, calling their ship nonsense, calling them names, you are so negative minded, thank God you are not the ultimate.

  2. Sheggz or Bella's love for sheggz has successfully swallowed bella up… If I'm to be honest … And it's irritatingly sad… It's annoying… It's exhausting to watch …and honestly, she go chop Breakfast las las … Looks very familiar and relatable to me … 😂

  3. I feel like sheggz subconsciously is doing all of these things so he can trend, because nowadays I've noticed he's always the top of most gists, him along with Bella. One more than one or two occasions I've seen this, and honestly ehn, I hope this doesn't end up giving him an advantage over other housemates in the long run. I'm just tired of hearing and seeing his manipulative self and his babe and their shenanigans…. 😂 😂… It's truly irritating

  4. Glory, Groovy have every right to relay the information he had from Chomzy to Phyna. I mean how can someone say something about you and another person and you keep mute about it. That will just be like allowing people paint a certain narrative about you, and not do anything about it, like who does that?

  5. Thank you o…Glory. I have been waiting for Phyna to have that epiphany that Groovy should be suspect for whatever conversation he was having with Chomzy to bring up that topic and also why he was even upset about it considering the fact that those allegations are what you expect when you're openly in a relationship with someone. That guy is playing a game with my baby and now he's trying to control her. And then there's fake Chichi. Phyna abeg break free of these chains!

  6. I think everyone is wrong
    Groovy used the information against Chomzy indirectly because he couldn’t have her. Secondly Chomzy shouldn’t have mentioned Bella, thirdly Bella shouldn’t have denied Chomzy since everything is all out, to clear her name. Last phyna is not a wise girl. When groovy brought that information, she could have died the matter, to protect her image just like Tega did last year when queen brought information about what pere had said about her V

  7. I just find Bella rude with a very nasty attitude, that's all she is offering in that house. Shegz is much better in character than her 100% and these Bella fans claiming dude has blocked her from showing her full potential, to me she got no potential to even show. I pray Shegz leaves earlier than her then you will understand what I mean. There's nothing she's offering and will offer.

  8. I feel like chomzy started drifting away from them when they bullied and slandered her AND NOT because their gossip of other housemates was become petty.

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