Big Brother Naija 2022: SHEGGZ AND BELLA, F!GHT RACHAEL | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: SHEGGZ AND BELLA, F!GHT RACHAEL | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


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  2. 🤣🤣🤣we shall disqualify Biggie Glory 🤣I'm 1000% on your side. It's too much coming from these musketeers Sheggs and Bella. My God!😳. No no no no no . See Sheggs o. 'Empty lass man'

  3. Sheggz and Bella are the most annoying housemates ever in the history of bbn they fits each other Bella should just go home on Sunday

  4. I know Bella shouldn't have brought out the food in anger but the narrative that she intentionally carried the food n pour on Rechael is not true. She wanted to drop the food on the table but Rechael raised her hand n unfortunately hit the plate which failed. You guys should watch that video again, the pouring of food was accidental

  5. This show has lost its credibility, because it is done by connection. If you listen to some of their conversations in the house, you will notice that majority of them came through connection. For Sheggz to threatened Recheal's life is unacceptable to us viewers. Glory thank you for saying the truth. We are watching to see what the producers/Biggie will do on or before Sunday.

  6. Rachel has Maddddd control…..if it was moi I would have Broken that plate on Bella's Head and Gone to Jail what rubbish….and if Biggie doesn't do shit abt it I'll start suspecting that Big Brother is actually Bella's biological Big brother.

  7. Ok but emotions aside, If you watch the video well, Bella did not intentionally drop food on Rachel. It was actually in the process of seemingly putting the plate in front of Rachel that Rachel’s hand had hit it accidentally causing the food to spill. I’m not a fan of their personalities but at least recognise that.

  8. That shit Sheggz is doing to Bella not all women will take it. Phyna I like the way you talk to Bella. Sheggz and Bella birds of the same feather flying in Biggy's house whahala dey.🧐😡😡

  9. You are bless sis, your analysis is the best in YouTube, I have watched so many analysis on this matter, but your is the best, pls keep showing us more videos, I always miss the show because of work, thank for considering my request.

  10. In my opinion biggie please disqualify shakes n Belle immediately thank you that's was the height
    Mr n mrs ikoyi wanted to be served first
    Imagine the audacity from Belle
    I swear if I was in biggie house I for don beat belle carry my bag

  11. I sincerely think Glory just don't like the view of shegzz and Bella coz mehn

    She fucked up,yes. But that food slipped, they literally were both dragging it.

    I'm not her fan but I don't think being judgemental or passing blame is part of the analyses your channel is about.

  12. Big brother cannot do anything… Sheggz says he knows the Crew and refused wearing skirt, big brother agreed and gave him apron instead

  13. Sheggz also deserves a strike for provocation. I have never disliked a housemate like how I dislike Sheggz. He need to be evicted ASAP

  14. Honestly deserves 3 strikes actually, one for destroying biggie’s property and for causing violence and provocation . Bella has gotten on my last nerve . She should be nominated for possible eviction next week and should be evicted . I’m so tired of Bella and Sheggz

  15. No Gloria, Bella did not mean to pour the food, Rachel touched it and it poured on the table.. and about sheggs and Rachel , she was supposed to insult him alone not the generation

  16. I felt like using charger cord on those rude, arrogant foolish pair. I turned off my TV because I couldn't stomach all that nonsense 😡😡😡

  17. Who does Sheggz think he is?? He should be reminded that that is Big Brothers house, not his fathers house. Infact he is behaving like he did not come in that house for money.. Why did he come there if he have enought olready Nonsense

  18. If big brother does not punish Bella,that shows how bias he is.
    From what I've seen so far,only Adekunle,Phyna,Chizzy and Rachel are the people who are bold enough to face sheggz and Bella while others are acting like cowards.

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