Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA & GROOVY DID IT UNDER THE DUVET!| AMAKA WANTS D1E | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7



  1. The dumb aspect about this whole issue is how Beauty's Fans are supporting her toxic and stupid acts over a man she just met like common. We all literally watch this show 24/7 so where is the groovy being a bad guy coming frm?
    Lets call a spade a spade she was mixed and controlled by her toxicity

  2. Aunty what are u even saying
    If u are with a girl dat u don't lyk your consolation is touching her, am even surprised dat he waited til the 2nd tym to touch sef, so I no know watin u dea talk sef

  3. I'm liking them 🙂. They're giving me the content I paid for. Phina is a very bold and daring girl. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She's playing her own game smartly. Groovy wasn't married and could have been anybody's man. Right now he belongs to Phina and I'm shipping them like Kilode.

  4. I don’t why Amaka is still considering such friendship when phyna doesn’t keep their secrets,it’s not healthy,I know it’s biggie game but still being humane is important,make she find better friend and den don’t tell what ur next move is,if you look at it well,whatever move she wants to make and she tells phyna,phyna uses it against her and start explaining rubbish

    You can get any guy if you have the balls,then it either leads to something great or something traumatic

  5. Ebuka needs to talk to Amaka,like ask her how she expresses herself when she is hurt especially when it’s someone that is close to her…she needs to work on her self-esteem big time,that girl carry but she isn’t aware of how big a person she is,Mehn I was once there but it doesn’t help to be shy at all,you will be hurt a lot and be used

  6. you dont get it….amaka never asked phyna to help her do shit – she only discusses her intentions with phyna and madam converts it to her game. same thing she did with eloswag who eventually ditched her. soon and very soon, phyna will shot herself in the leg.

  7. I wouldn't blame phyna…she is d only lady in biggie's house playing the game….orders na aproko full there body most especially dos level 1 girls…everybody forming serious……we need a show and that is what phyna is giving us…I see her in the top 5 already I can bet u dat

  8. Amaka is scared of rejection hence her not chasing a man. She needed phina to do her dirty work. Groovy does not have any feelings for Phina he is using her to do his cooking and feeding him while he is in level 2. If he still here for the merge he will drop Phina for Chumzy. Amaka needs to be strong and face her fears

  9. Different people with different characters. You can't judge one by comparing with another. As for me Groovy didn't do anything wrong. No one is being forced to do anything. First night or not ,its consensual. Let them enjoy the show and no one has the right to be disappointed in anyone. They are adults and biggie wants a show. If it's boring and predictable we won't watch. And don't forget when your world is reduced to a house,you will do things you wouldn't do outside. Fact!

  10. Stop saying phyna isn't a good person, from the onset she has told amala that she's into groovy too. She even told amaka to shoot her shot else she will go for him. So why are u saying she shouldn't go for groovy but amaka can like 3 guys and phyna doesn't have the right to right… C'mon guys. Amaka like gidifia, dotun and now groovy. Even the groovy doesn't like her, so why can't she just take her eyes off groovy

  11. In Amaka's defense.she said she is liking many guys so as not to get into them fully or been dissapointed… We have an issue with girls that are daring, and now have issues with girls that are not Aiming!

  12. Yes you are right..phyna isn’t amaka’s friend she went after eloswags knowing fully well amaka liked him (eloswags) remember when they had issues,because amaka said she’ll like to meet eloswags and get to know him & his strength..she just didn’t want to come out straight and say she has a crush on eloswags …😂😂😂

  13. I heard something today dat groove kiss phyna first b4 beauty self so what are we talking abt phyna told groove dat my friend want u bt d guy no even care to talk to her so phyna shld now die in her feeling bcoz she doesn't want to hurt her friend

  14. I am not happy that PHYNA accepted to sleep in GROOVY'S bed, and she betrayed AMAKA and BEAUTY. PHYNA can play her game without a man. I so disappointed in PHYNA and GROOVY. GROOVY too is so unfaithful to just switch to another lady in just 4 days after BEAUTY left the show.

  15. POSITIONING IS KEY. Dare to dream beyond the immediately available resources. That's how great business, alliances, marriages are born. No guy or girl is out of your class, position yourself appropriately, wear your confidence cloak and you will discover you have the qualities that will put you on thesame strata with those you perceive are better off than you.

  16. On the contrary, i dont think Amaka should speak to Phyna about it. Amaka told Phyna she likes Elo, Phyna went and kissed Elo, Amaka told Phyna, I like Groovy, Phyna is now sleeping on Groovy's bed. Phyna knows what she is doing and Amaka does not need to stress herself with calling her for a talk

  17. You can help somebody to know somebody to be in a relationship but how about groovy is not into Amaka. They aren't friends but acquaintances, pls.Groovy wants slim girls and he said they are just friends and I watched it, they didn't have sex. Amaka is eyeing another man in level 1

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