1. Sheggz is a narcissist and a gas lighter, I pray he realised these and change for good, if not, no woman can condone such characters. I was pitying Bella all through when they were in the house. He will be busy praising himself and castigating her. Someone like Sheegz can make a woman to hate herself or even commit suicide because he manipulates people psychologically and can make one question his/her sanity.

  2. I have so many questions:
    Khalid and ChristyO are giving some kind of vibe with the matching outfits plus it seems they have been spending a lot of time together.
    Obviously we didn't get to see the whole video but the way Danielle hugged everyone but Khalid is weird.


  3. I am happy she snubbed I don't want them together Sheggz should have taken Doyin Bella deserves chizzy. Bella should go for the golden unknown guy out there and Sheggz will also get diamond girl God has prepared for him. I believe he has leveled up after all he has being thru .It is because love is blind but they both don't deserve each other.

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