1. S&M KLAN you see why Shayo dey cause rubbish! because if Shayo no dey system, rubbish go dey hard to see! Now PHYNA has indirectly told ELOSWAG about her feelings, Also about how he shouldn't have told her to wait for 1week of which ELOSWAG'S response was PHYNA Should have waited for him! meanwhile she also confronts GROOVY over CHOMZY😱 S&M KLAN true true Wahala no dey ever finish🏃

  2. Clearly Ebuka is not seeing Groovy how come he has not said anything. Groovy is going to eat on stage during his exit interview. The one sided question that was asked Emmanuel should also go for Groovy, let that question continues until the end of BBN its obvious these kind of love vibe play is here to stay for a long time. Feeling sorry for the weak hearted shippers.

  3. CHOMZY has grown to LOVE ELOSWAG and most people haven't noticed. She truly Loves ELOSWAG but she's don't want to understand her feelings rather she wants to keep being confused 🥴🥴🥴

  4. Please groovy is also entitled to his own feelings too it's not any little thing we want to drag him to chomzy. He's no longer interested in that chomzy whatever I don't know y people are finding it hard to see. Phyna telling eloswag all that stuff does it mean she is still into elo? So y dragging groovy. They are both playing the game let's allow them abeg.

  5. Yesterday party the first dj kills my vibes
    But the party was lit later.

    Groovy and phyna last last go settled
    I just Love them together

  6. So it is not about Phyna being mad. The fact still remains that Phyna forced herself on Groovy. When u force relationships this is what happens. Groovy does not feel Phyna period. Women can warm up to me but men don't.

  7. Women only see what they want to see. You can't say you're in a relationship and not be exclusive, who saw how naked she was? I wouldn't dance with her either, neither would I take her seriously as a man.

  8. The square

    Chomzy likes Groovy , she's with Eloswag she has fallen for him but she's not 100% there.
    She can give him up for Groovy

    Groovy likes Chomzy & has commitment issues. He is with Phyna he has fallen for her but not 100%
    He can give her up for Chomzy

    Phyna likes Eloswag , she is with Groovy & smwat fallen for him but not 100%
    She can give him up for Eloswag

    Eloswag likes Phyna & hs with Chomzy & smwat has fallen for her but not 100%
    He can give her up for Phyna

    1 big happy family!!!

  9. I don't know what Phyna is waiting for to leave Groovy? I mean it's glaring as Broadway day light that Groovy is into Chomzy. Give yourself some respect and walk away dear Phyna you deserve better.

  10. Sharks &Marine, I sincerely love the duo of you guys. Your coverage and reportage is on point anytime. Your team spirit and the mix is excellent. You guys are amazing.
    Ok , in my view, Phyna was quick to smell the coffee coming from Groovy. If only Phyna would be a little bit firm or intentional standing her grounds in her doings with Groovy. Meanwhile it’s quite obvious that Groovy had ever yearned to go out with chomzy. Though, it’s very late for them to bring it to reality. He can catch his cruise outside the house. On the other hand , Chomzy is a World known Spoiler, hater, fastidious and a gossip girl.
    However , I believe we will see less of her in the house today. By 6-7pm today , it will be clear to her that Phyna has an edge over her to a large extent especially in schemes of doings in BBNaija Level up season 7. More Grace to you guys.

  11. Groovy and Chomsy can’t be. I think if they have sex the thing go clear for their eye. I think groovy is just lusting after Chomzy but likes phyna and will prefer her not to drink like a shark 😂

  12. I think phyna was tipsy but was still conscious of what she’s doing. Groovy is playing this game . At this point he is using phyna peridot!!!

  13. Groovy no love chomzy he just wants to fuck the stupid girl. He go fuck tire leave the idiot, love no they there. Rubbish housemates, they are all so annoying 🙄

  14. Groovy is not romantically attracted to phyna guy just tell the girl u aren't into her and allow phyna move on am glad phyna knows he's not that into her he should go to the girl he wants that's chomzy and stop the pretence

  15. I just wish Ebuka can just shake phyna and groovy table so phyna can get the handwriting on the wall. And this is exactly what will happen to her after the show bcus most men have seen her and her weak point now and they will still use it against her. When she love she loves with all her heart but men! They can only take advantage of that

  16. Groovy and Phyna have different love languages. Groovy's love language is acts of service but Phyna own is words of affirmation.

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