Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA Big Brother Naija WINNER OF SEASON 7 FIRST INTERVIEW | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP |

Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA Big Brother Naija WINNER OF SEASON 7 FIRST INTERVIEW | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | WATCH GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


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  2. Media houses sef are not asking certain questions if na me I will ask Bryann some serious questions about loyalty & some lies he dropped here and there,
    I guess the capitalise on what will trend so more market for them.

  3. Personally I loved her savagery response to those questions…it was so hilarious, to me…and I know phyna will work on her self, because many people will talk to her about that, she has brands looking up to her for deals…and I know she'll change…

  4. Glory, Danielle as already admitted that she was wrong so why are you still pained let that girl be she has done nothing wrong to u

  5. Deji kind of man is one who doesn't like to show emotions and I heard him during one of their convo upstairs even b4 their first kiss he was telling chichi that she needs therapy cos of every thing she went through in d past. So Deji told her that he also need therapy cos he can stay a week without calling his mom and even when his mom call he doesnt like to show it to her that he misses her. That he prefer to show it in other way. Chi chi teases him that night that he s evil and he doesnt go well with him. Chi Chi already Understood the guy. All in all sha their ship is sailing and I wish them the best.

  6. for Danielle,she is too young to be asked those will mess with her mind ……so safe landing is allowed

  7. Daniella told Adekunle she’s a virgin . I’m still confused. She told him in the garden during the last week.

  8. Pignation una de ment o , una carry money giv pigna and yer ranting and crying you voted and elevated Adekunle, make una no let us vex kidnap pigna o 😂😂 . Adekunle is not una mate for the game. Make una rest

  9. Pleaseeee, Doyin didn’t say that. That wasn’t what Phyna even “allegedly” said Doyin said.
    Phyna told Daniella she was told she came second and Bryann was the winner.
    Until Phyna or Bella confirms Doyin said that, it’s just a rumor.

  10. Groovy was on her gift presentation day.They a lot of time to discuss. They are too busy to rush in especially when Groovy have been dragged that he is after Phyna's money. The guy need to be calm

  11. I love phyna's forwardness, Chi-Chi is a sweet soul.phyna,chi chi and Bella should just focus on their brand's and forget about the ship's.

  12. Buy Glory you voted Adekunle and not Phyna.Women supporting women.Personally I think you don’t like phyna but is okay.Your fav didn’t win so is abvious.

  13. regarding daniellas behaviour,, i also noticed that on her clip that they showed on that day with ebuka in level 3, they only showed her with khalid, no dotun moments were shown there… i was like…wow..

  14. God I feel like wiping dat interviewer with cord
    Wat is her issue with phyna na……….like wariheck
    She has been throwing low jabs at phyna with every opportunity she gets.

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