Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA AND RACHAEL F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA AND RACHAEL F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge WATCH all…


  1. Rachel's own is Adenkule's rejection of her. She is embittered by everyone. She thinks that someone must told Adenkule something and she is suspecting Chichi. Bella is a jealous woman with alot of bitterness in her. Anyway birds of a feather flock together (Rachel and Bella)

  2. If i ever find myself in that kind of space with phyna I'll try my best to avoid her as much as Daniella does…because if you can't match up phyna's energy when it comes to arguments or altercations, my dear you'll cry blood…as for me the fear of phyna in that house is the beginning of wisdom…it's the worse that can ever happen to any HM in that confine space…it's tragic for you to insult her is not the issue,but the word she'll give you will make you want to enter the ground…I feel Rachel's pain,… Sorry ehh

  3. Oh yes i love the heat between Phyna Rachel n Belle i was praying for it to get more hotter you see Rachel she is very bitter soul she just think if she was a real HM She was going to still till finals those three Rachel ,Chizzy n Belle are example of kill joy yeye people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ChiChi should please jump and pass…and mostly ignore them. Bella acts like one possessed with a very bad spirit that is out to destroy her destiny. I pity her, if she's not careful, she will receive a terrible beating after the show becus she's been spoiling for a fight & they might give it to her outside the house. She has no idea the toxic nemesis she's creating for herself…😏🤪 nonsense and Ingredients

  5. Rachel's emotions are valid actually ,people are different and In this case thinking about it from what I heard in one of modellas media rounds these fake house mates after going through the tough audition and stay in lockdown for 2 weeks then the organisers just tell you all of a sudden that you will be a fake house mate so you can't play for the money, of course you can't say no at that point anymore, so it's actually going to affect some people emotionally especially when they can tell anyone that they are not real house mates ,infact sometimes some people can get jealous too know others are more privileged than them and these people went through the same process, hence the attitude Rachel gives when others win she just can't help it yea its doesn't look good but tbh some people can't take it ,for me the fake house mates should be special people that won't go through audition and would already be trained on what they are going in the house to do ,not that people will suffer through the whole process then you tell them they have been picked and they go on lockdown for even more time than the real ones and in the end you hit them with the information that the will be fake house mates it's heart breaking and not everyone can take it truly so phyna should have at least let it go at the point Rachel said let them dead it but of course she doesn't know Rachel is a FHM and Rachel too shouldn't have used abusive words too but truth is phyna shouldn't have pushed it ,if she leaves let her be why tell he she is over reacting

  6. Rachel is being so entitled unnecessarily. There is nothing like emotional intelligence because Phyna was literally praising her and he had no idea that she is a Rider.

  7. Phyna is d realest hm this season. This is not abt loyalty………… I understand her, she cannot pretend abt her feelings. If u come for her she react weather u re a friend or not

  8. She has stayed true to her self till the last week. Pyna is the reason for this year bigbrother drama that we love. Let's vote today is new day pynation 💪💪💪💪💪

  9. Chichi gossip a lot, even when Phyna try to shut her or divert the conversation, she won't stop. Phyna will say anything she said behind you in your present. So Phyna is far better than Chichi. Phyna conversation with bella on Sunday started in the afternoon, Bella came to Phyna to talk about what transpired between her and Chichi while in Level 1 house but Phyna didn't really give attention to the conversation until Groovy was evicted and her so called friend Chichi couldn't show concern or console her but completely ignore Phyna. While Bella that likewise lose her lover was together with Phyna, which was why Phyna finally contributed to that conversation. We all have emotions and you can't claim to be my friend and you will abandon me when i need you most. That makes Bella conversation with Phyna worthy of what Phyna need at that moment to get over Chichi ignoring her, and that makes her think Chichi was happy to see Groovy leave the house. The Phyna i observe all season don't gossip what she can't say to you. She doesn't lick azzz and she doesn't take shiit. We don't just support Phyna but we see a real potential in her. That girl is someone everyone will love have around them. So, Glory that was why i said you were wrong about how you handle that after Sunday night eviction issue pertaining Chichi. Everyone in that house knows Phyna is most open-minded person in that house. You should make proper investigating analysis, not just following crowd. I hope you amend by next season.

  10. I'm enjoying all this drama. 🤣🤣🤣

    I honestly think Rachel's bitterness and other underlying issues originate from the fact that she is a fake/rider housemate. She's pained.

  11. Racheal is just pained tht she is not a real housemate she is ungrateful to the opportunity big brother gave her I mean she had a chance to pull up her socks and win tasks coz I think if she was real housemate she would have been the first to go she is o annoying. N I think Bella and Racheal will pin this on Chichi n phyna would not stand up for her 😢

  12. Bella hatred for chichi is topclass hatred. And chichi has been quiet.
    Bella is lucky chichi has withdrawn from the original chichi due to d strike she has. I trust the real chichi would av shown Bella Pepper especially as sheggs is out of the game. Diana tasted d original chichi. Chai…Bella is lucky o. She for collectiii!!!

  13. Glory, your analysis are the best. I follow other analysers but you are totally different. Your analysis is understandable, real and very factual.

    First of, Phyna is not aware that Rachel is a fake housemate and will not understand the pains she feels perhaps for not being a real housemate. Chizzy did not react cowardly the way Rachel did. To Phyna they have really tried, cos those who came before them have been evicted and to still be in the house, it means they are strong and deserve to be praised.
    Remember, last season Queen join the show after a week or two and she almost got to the final and the housemates acknowledge and praised her for it and so the viewers. This should have been a case of happiness and thankfulness with Phyna's comments before the housemates and not acting in a way that will warrant suspicion of her (Rachel) status in the house.

    Believe me, if Rachel was a real housemate she won't have walked out on someone praising her let alone crying like a toddler.

    A beg make the show end make we face politics again biko.
    WHERE IS TUNUBU????? lol

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