Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA AND CHIZZY F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: PHYNA AND CHIZZY F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge WATCH all the…


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  2. Its so disgusting to openly insult your friend so much when you guys have a misunderstanding and he was even keeping quiet because he respects that but phyna is really not it abeg

  3. People are really saying Bella and sheggz have fought with everyone but phyna has actually fought with everybody, its disgusting and I honestly dont see what people see that they want her to win so bad. No 'queen' attitude atall

  4. I like Phyna but when it comes to Chizzy, I go drop am, nonsense. Chizzy was right, Phyna is always not thinking right when it comes to Groovy.

  5. Is not funny seeing a woman insulting a man like that all in the name of a show I love her but she will make a very bad wife and mother please make person no came for me abeg

  6. Chizzy is jst a loving guy.all he did for doyin is jst a sigh of a man that is a gentleman. Who wouldn't love a guy like chizzy truth is bitter.

  7. Glory can call a spade a spade…..Phyna went to far….such bad character and name calling doesnt make sense…..not even for Phyna to channel such energy to someone who had her back……🤦🤦🤦🤦
    Phyna i will keep saying is not loyal….not to Beauty,not to Amaka,not to Chichi and then now Chizzy…
    Phyna should really be kept at arms length ….cos ….let me stop here

  8. Please if l may ask who likes doing the dishes,chizzy is not to be blamed at all,phyna is just out of control she is too loud for a girl.She should behave for once she is acting up too much because she is not real in most of her actions.She is bully and too condescending abeg.

  9. Glory I don’t think you dragged phyna as much as you would do over other housemates fuckup.. I mean she was wrong this time. God bless you!

  10. What phyna hates is saying she is doing or saying something that she would not do before. That triggered her in most cases. She was of no intention, and phyna doesn't want people looking down on groovy.

  11. Make I talk truth
    Groovy have to stand like a man ND fight for himself….. No dey du like woman rapper wetin dey cause all this nah because phyna nah she truly want this relationship………pass

  12. Glory, phyna is actually wrong on this one. She isn't the hoh so you not be changing the roles that chichi wanted to change. Chichi didn't do that with her when she was hoh. I don't even like her again.

  13. Funny thing is Cheezy had her lmao🤣😂 The guy no even acknowledge am, she just dey rage like an angry bull. Guy no dey exchange words, he doesn't even need it. Grovy will still fuck Phyna up, premium tears loading😂🤣

  14. I watch it and I so much enjoy it, I laugh and laugh and laugh, Phyna na case ooooo, she no dey sool down at all.

  15. What else more to day , the show is almost ended last last all of them are coming out in the next one week . My observation some are more loved and people tolerated their bad attitudes. Anyways the game is not merit on the best behave ………….. uuummmm! . E choke😢😢😢.

  16. Chizzy is busy doing the lords work.. 😂😂😂 I can’t imagine the reaction when this housemates realize who Chizzy is in the house..😂

  17. Even Chizzy himself had admitted he was wrong with Phyna and Groovy issue today and I think some of the housemates testified to that scenario that Chizzy was actually wrong. So why dragging phyna here? I can see all the bad agenda on this innocent lady and I bet it with every originators of all this unnecessary drag that it won't work it will all end in bitter💯 Phyna to the world

  18. Glory i came across a vedio where phyna fought with hermes….did you do a vedio about it? I really want to know what caused it coz it was bad

  19. Please try to be neutral when you analize issues.. I know it's your page but say the truth when you see one.. You've always been bias in your judgment. Abi you too they fear Phyna…. It's beginning to get irritating… Keep being bias and that's how only you will record and listen to yourself… Good luck

  20. Phyna was not supposed to tell chichi she was ffing up. She was wrong on that. I respect chizzy more for this. That guy has my heart. He's so matured

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