Big Brother Naija 2022: New clip, watch Phyna, Bella, Amaka and Chomzy reconcile with beauty at Pepsi P

Big Brother Naija 2022: Clip ever seen, watch Phyna, Bella, ?Amaka and Chomzy Reconcile with Beauty at Pepsi P bnaija 2022, Big Brother Naija…


  1. Madam abeg leave this ur talk if u don't know what to say, must phyna be the one to approach beauty first, park well abeg

  2. You don't have a right to feel anything…. why are you putting blame on phylla…but let those 2 gals be. There is no where it's written that they should be beautys friend…Let them live their lives in peace

  3. Aunty go sleep. Beauty had the chance to reconcile with them but she didn't. Beauty was making faces at Oriamo party and noticed people didn't have her time now she decided to make up with them. The people she suppose make up with she knows them. That means she's a bitter girl . pretender. Even Doyin and Modela them di inherite beef . I know them di follow beauty because of money. But continue watching and see how everything goes. See Doyin doesn't even have Allison's time again but she claimed in the house they wher friends.

  4. Why do you think so. Did Phyna not wish her happy birthday. If she is liberal as you think let her break the ice. After wards she break up with and even tell us that had a small bola which I think is ok for Phyna.

  5. Dat is what u re saying, why will Phyna and Bella go and meet her. If she is free spirited as u claim she should have invited all hms to her party not selecting few…..she should day her day, Phyna don't need her

  6. Phyna Don talk am say na person wey shine teeth with her na em she go shine teeth with abeg leave her alone shikena!

  7. So everybody must go and meet ur beauty ehkwa? She no get leg to meet them? It was amaka and chomzy who ist talked to her. So everybody must follow suit? Una try. Beauty is cool and peaceful y didn't she invite all d housemates? Y did she ignore phyna when she was greeting her at d final house party?

  8. Didn't Phyna make an attempt during the last Saturday party? Pls Phyna is not letting Fans control her. Beauty should try this time.

  9. Why is it Phyna and Bela at foult for not meeting beauty, why is not beauty meeting them actually, this three girls got pride

  10. Madam your feelings doesn’t matter. Why don’t you go and reconcile them. Beauty is free spirited and you think Bella and Phyna are cash spirited or credit spirited. ❤to you, try again next time…hahaha

  11. Madam if you don't know what to say just stop.
    Who is beauty that Phyna ND Bella should go ND approach?
    Even that Chomzy ND Amaka,did she invite them to her party.
    She has seen that nobody cares about her so she's forcing to be nice to people she was not nice to before

  12. So espect PHYNA and Bella to talk to her, let her go talk to them too. Why didn't she invite them if she's a peaceful someone. PHYNA should go so you start dragging her tsuiiip

  13. If beauty is a nice person why she didn't invite all the housemate so that we can have our own analysis now. Leave Phyna and Bella in beauty situation I beg. We will be waiting for Phyna and Bella here in South Africa our Queens🥰💯😍😍❤️❤️

  14. Amaka will do that to Beauty just of Phyna and why must Bella and Phyna force talking with Beauty while she feels to big in her to talk to Bella and Phyna ..while Groovy himself chose Phyna and has made it very clear to the world .. Amaka and Beauty ate rather acting immature

  15. Phyna too is a free spirited person

    Phyna tried to talk to beauty at the last party they had at Biggie's house and she turned her down so u don't expect her to force things

  16. Please is not of your business, just let Phyna and Bella be friends as they are, and let beauty continue to disgrace herself , cos man like Groovy has moved on with Phyna and it's blessed by God Almighty

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