1. Chichi is not in good mood , bcos her team loose , n all that has been happening during her reing of HOH all the disrespect n her friend that is her no longer close she is kindder distance herself from her. The house mate that her not giving her the respect of her HoH, The ones that are beefing her that she did not carry them along to the final .

  2. God bless you for saying the truth, remember when Bella and Phyna fought, I think Big brother gave Phyna serious warning behind closed door. Remember her dairy session with Big brother? So I'm not surprised when Phyna could not say anything during Chichi and Bella fight.

  3. I won't be shocked to hear that SHEGGZ'S father is one of the BBN sponsors of this season 7, reason why BIGGIE keeps him on the show till now, while he is supposed to be evicted already

  4. The way Glory Elijah laughed while saying Association of single ppl cracked me up, but really, I don't know why being single in the house seems to equate to this people that u can't have fun during parties🤣🤣🤣

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