Big Brother Naija 2022 Liquorose again accepted Emmanuel with his reasons, Big Brother Naija Season7

Big Brother Naija Liquorose finally said yes again to Emmanuel’s offer #Bigbrothernaijaseason7 #bigbrothernaija2022…


  1. They may have settled the beef but it doesn't mean they are in a relationship. He didn't even apologise to her when he apologised in public. The disgrace on National TV was so unnecessary and I don't think Emmanuel has changed. If Emmanuel has changed, he should apologise to her in public and admit his wrong doings.
    Liquorose should remember that the apology can be accepted but access to her heart should be denied. A man who can deny being in a relationship with you on National TV can jolly well do more later

  2. It's because of those people that won't mind their business n keep their mouth out of their relationship,. They decided to go private

  3. People who don't want them to go back together, are u going to marry them or u re keeping ur children to marry them? Or ur spouse didn't hurt u before n u forgive them? Make una leave these alone to them live their life in peace ooo

  4. All of u that are praying for them to not go come back, stop wasting ur time n get used to it that this news is true.. they re back since n making their relationship private. They won't show or prove to anyone cuz they don't owe ur any explanation.. una go get eyes to see. Or u don't know ur favs that u stan

  5. I think queen Liq forgave Ema because she wants peace and she's very calm, kind hearted and humble.. Love therefore with or without him she'll find happiness and with someone who'll take care of her feelings.. I wish I could say a lot about Ema but why judge 🤐🤐

  6. Who are you to tell her what to do pliz guyz stop you dont have that wrighty you are just a fan a stranger . They sit down n talk they are adults leave them alone

  7. Yes she must give him a chance . He repent a better man all men n married are cheaters even if she move on she is going to have the worse person than emma he is now a better man ask a married woman like me we tolaret somethings becoz you move from one place to another n have many children with different fathers like judy austin 3 men. Now its not gd at all

  8. there's no relationship please, when someone say they are fine it does not mean they are back together, she only forgave him because she want to move on in peace, Liquorose will never date Emmanuel again believe me or not, stop giving people wrong information

  9. Make dat guy go rest. Baby girl be wise. Make you no loose ooo. She will be so stupid to go back to her vomit. Remember, she said never again!

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