Big Brother Naija 2022: KHALID’S EXPULSION PROVOKS REACTIONS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: KHALID’S EXPULSION PROVOKS REACTIONS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Glory you are 100% right, a lot of weak housemates are hiding under that shield which is very unfair.. if it was like other seasons with what cyph and Khalid are capable of, they’ll really come a very long way cause you can imagine people that always get to the finals of HOH leave before those that have never even made an attempt in the games… Indeed everything is not balanced now, I can’t wait for biggie to bring HermΓ¨s and chomzy to balance the whole thing

  2. Yes I'am with you on this one Glory,the nomination process should change now so that each one plays to win for himself individually…the game is not balanced because level 1 has very weak players but because they know that someone will win the game so they will also become immune for eviction,very,very one sided and now the level two are loosing concetration!

  3. Khalid never forced Daniella to do anything and all those people will be put to shame.,in just 3 weeks he sold himself.,people say he ruined his game but Miracle was doing the same thing and they made him win..They just wanted Daniella with someone else.,Khalid will be successful no matter what.

  4. Glory hi πŸ‘‹ my dear queen πŸ‘Έ, this season I am disappointed with the decision of the DSTV multi choice Access Subscribers decided not to allow the people with DSTV access package πŸ“¦ to watch Big brother season 7 eviction shows .but when coming to see the eviction show, we are denied the access. So how do we vote πŸ—³ for our favourites while we cannot view the eviction shows? It’s really disappointing indeed.😳😒. πŸ™

  5. Kess' and Amaka's strategy is dumbπŸ˜‚
    No matter what, your chances of nomination is high so why not fight to stay in the house instead.Besides who knows,you might win!the pros of trying outweigh the cons of not trying,plus not trying would rather get you eliminated with no significant mark being left
    Kess should just go home!

  6. If I was the producer of this show; I'd have decided that each house should have their own HoH — Level 1 HoH and Level 2 HoH. For nominations, each house in each level nominating 2 fellow housemates and giving valid reasons; those with the most nominations are put up against the public vote after each level's HoH save and replace decision. After each eviction, Biggie introducing a twist to even out the number of housemates in each house, i.e., some housemates switching houses.

  7. Right from day one, I really disagree with the nomination process and glory u ve said it all, there are weaker people in level 1 and they need to test nomination. Why see smart and intelligent guys like khalid n Cyth leave the show this early because of the nomination process. Too bad

  8. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Glory you are just the GπŸ‘Œ
    You just unveiled all my worries.
    In fact, what a TEA. The best tea that you split. You have just painted everything on the wall. Hope Biggie is watching.
    We need a change.
    Thank you much sweetheart Glory.πŸ‘ŒπŸ€πŸ‘

  9. Well am not a fan of BBN but what kind of voting pattern are they using and I feel the viewers should be the deciding on eviction. I feel If these goes on, people are going to lose focus on such, if content people keeps leaving.

  10. Very true glory, but before they do that level 1 housemates should be put up for nominations twice in a row. Now they can put 2 housemates from each house up for nomination by each house nominating there own. Am seeing towards the end of the season the show will have less veiwership bcoz will be left with a boring level 1house.

  11. Think without your hearts at times, if only had we done that but with Khalid's situation with Daniella, many weren't thinking about his value to the level 2 housemates. Now he is out, oh noooooo

  12. Big Brother is not Nigeria's got talent or Survivor Nigeria. apart from Blasting Dianella under the sheets how entertaining was he? Housemates stay on the show if the viewers vote for them, not based on banter from social media. If the houses were merged and these house mates were nominated by their fellow housemates and evicted would you guys still rant? When the likes of Maria ,Teddy A, Bam Bam, Thin tall Tony and so on were evicted early in the show, nobody complained the show still went on and a winner emerged. You guys complained until the houses were swapped now it is HOH. Humans are never satisfied,I tire.

  13. Wow… You just spoke my mind in this video.. It's exactly what i said yesterday.. The nomination process has to change if not we will have all level 2 up for eviction and lose good housemates leaving the show filled with level 1 housemates.. Those level 1 need to face eviction this week..

  14. I will miss Khalid especially for his competitive, artistic and innovative talents .πŸ’–
    Khalid is a very intelligent guy. I feel for level 2 housemates because Cyph and Khalid are very strong characters.

  15. Honestly, there are a lot of weak level 1 housemates who need to be evicted. Khalid deserved to be in the game longer than a lot of the level 1 folks. Biggie, please give level 1 to us on a platter, lets do justice πŸ˜‚

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